Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms For Building An Online Store

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.7.2015. | 12:21

With all exciting products and gadgets out there, you may have been long thinking about getting into the online business yourself. However, before your dropshipping dreams become reality, you will need to think about inventory management, accounting, payments, check-out and more. Lucky for you, here are the top five e-commerce platforms that can take all of that off your hands.

 An e-commerce platform is a comprehensive service provider, that will take over the operation details of your online store, giving you the time to work on product search, branding and other key questions.

Shopify: 165,000 + users, $29/month


Shopify may well be the most popular ecommerce platform – at least that’s the opinion of its 165,000 users. Shopify offers a comprehensive platform to set up an online store, together with a helpful guide on how to do that.

Shopify will take you through he set-up process step by step and even offer you a free 14-day trial.

When setting up your store, you will see that the platform offers lots of themes (some free and some paid), as well as a nice set of applications and plugins for added functionality. You will be able to easily install Facebook and other social media plugins, as well as integrate MailChimp, shopping comparison websites and more.

Bigcommerce: 95,000+ users, $29.95/month


In many ways, Bogcommerce is similar to Shopify when it comes to the initial price and trial offer. Upon signing up, you will get 15 free days (one day more than Shopify) and when the trial expires you will be paying $29.95 a month for a standard package. Just as with Shopify, you will be introduced to in-shop apps and tools that can enhance your online experience. Here we have one more difference from Shopify – most f these tools are free and included in the monthly plan.

With Bigcommerce, you will get access to around 100 themes, all of which are free – but you will only be able to see them once you have signed up for your trial.

Think of Bigcommerce as the Walmart of shopping platforms – it’s all about offering you more value for the money.

Volusion: 40, 000 users, $15/month


With Volusion you can build and manage your store for as low as $15 monthly, which sounds like quite a bargain. However, you may consider the servicing offer pretty basic.

The platform will not offer you as much as its contenders in terms of customization and, even though, there is a choice of templates – most of them look pretty similar. There is also not much you would be able to personalize on the technical side, should you want to. You can always consult the customer service if you have any special requirments for you store, but they also may have their hands tied.

However, if you are just starting out and want to keep your costs low, Volusion has your back.

Woocommerce Plug-in: 8,400,884 downloads, free


If you are a fan WordPress, you’ll be glad to know there is WordPress-based plug-in for your online store as well. The plug-in lets you set up an online storefront on a WordPress website and, just like other e-commerce platforms, will manage a big part of the operation process for you. Woocommerce will deal with order fulfillment, back-end operation, marketing, report making and more.

The plug-in boasts over 8,400,884 downloads and – here comes the best thing about it – is absolutely free to install and comes with no monthly fees.

Wix: 67,662,409 users, around $120/year (best offer)


You may have heard of Wix, or at least seen the multiple ever-present ads in your Facebook feed. Wix is actually a free website-building service, but it also comes with

a number of e-commerce features, offered in premium packages. These features may not be as abundant ad advanced as with other ecommerce platforms, but you will surely have enough to get you started. It will also give you plenty of design freedom – so if you have something specific in mind, you may just be able to get it on the webpage. A whole year with Wix will cost you around $120 + no transaction fees.


Once you have decided on your store you may want a drop shipper to help you offer a wider verity of products without needing to keep inventory yourself. if this is the case head over to dropshipper specialist Chinavasion for some more info on how you can benefit.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.7.2015. | 12:21
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  1. Ludwig Brincat July 7, 02:10

    I think you over looked the fantastic Magento, it has a very helpful community and it’s very easy to find modules or create them your self.

  2. andreastsolisndreas July 7, 02:59

    you forgot about prestashop .

  3. James Mash July 7, 09:11

    Cool suggestions for prestashop and Magento, Always interesting to hear what other people use and what works well.

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