Buying Guide: How To Choose A Mini Bike

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We have already got used to the idea that our streets will soon be full of various modern rideable contraptions: uni-wheels, electric skateboards, dual wheelersE-scooters and more.

However, even more conventional transportation is changing, acquiring new forms and entertaining us with a higher lever of convenience.

What is a mini-motorbike?

A mini bike, aka pocket bike or minimoto, is just what the name suggests – a miniature motorcycle. The main differences between a standard motorbike and its mini version are obvious: they are smaller, lighter, way more portable and cheaper.

Despite their miniature size, mini-bikes are efficient, fast, reliable and come in an array of types and designs.


“Moto E250” Electric Mini Bike – 15km p/h, 100 kg load


Types of mini bikes

Gas vs. electric

Just like standard bikes, a gas mini bike runs on gasoline and will need to be refueled when the tank runs out. Gas bikes are typically faster than electric bikes (and it applies in the same way to their mini versions).

Electric mini-bikes run on a battery that can be recharged through an electric power outlet and comes with a number of benefits of their own. Electric bikes make less noise, are cleaner for the environment and cheaper to maintain.


 Depending on what you need the bike for, you can opt for the one with a higher or lower horsepower. If you feel confident enough to roam the city at a fast speed and have experience riding bikes, you may be interested in getting a machine with more power and enjoy everything the bike can do.

If you are a first-time bike user or are looking for a mini bike for your child, it may be a better idea to look for something with lower horsepower to avoid the risk of accidents and injuries.

Look and design

This is a very personal aspect of the mini bike buying guide and you are free to look for anything that catches your eye and satisfies your aesthetic sense.

However, in your exciting search for just the right colour and shape, don’t forget about convenience: sit on the bike, ride around  for a while (if possible) and choose the model that offers you the most comfort when driving.

Where to buy a mini bike?

There plenty of stores that sell mini bikes, with your two main options being buying one online or at a retail store.

Buying a bike at a retail store, you will have a chance to inspect it closely, maybe even take it out for a spin and feel what its like riding it. However, a retail store may not have too many machines in stock and your choice will probably be limited.

Buying a mini bike online will definitely give you more options, when it comes to design, price and brand. Yet, there are a few things to watch out for. Make sure you are buying your bike from a reliable online store with a good warranty policy, since you can’t check the machine for defects. Do some research before hitting the “buy” button so that you feel confident about the model you choose and the manufacturer.

Summing Up

A mini bike can give you lots of freedom when it comes to moving around the city: it’s small, easier to maneuver than a standard bike and would take up less space in your backyard or office. At the same time, make sure to remember that it is still a bike and there are a few precautions to take: wear a helmet, don’t take your eyes off the road and don’t drive too fast in a crowded area.

Looking for more rideables? Check out our outdoor gadgets section.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.7.2015. | 18:49
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