Latest Chinavasion Electronics: 250W Mini Electric Motorcycle “Moto E250”, Home Weather Station & more

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250W Mini Electric Motorcycle

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Today we launched some amazing products, including for the first time 250W Mini Electric Motorcycle “Moto E250”. So don’t miss these fabulous new additions. More details are given below!

250W Mini Electric Motorcycle “Moto E250”: This Mini Electric motorbike is perfect for Children and even adults. It’s a great way to get your kids outside and enjoying themselves rather than being cooped up in front of the TV. With a tough frame and 11 inch tires it can support loads of up to 100KG and it’s easy to drive both on and off road as large padded seat make for a comfortable ride and the throttle control lets the speed be adjusted smoothly to prevent a jerky ride. If you open up the throttle to the 250watt motor will let you reach speeds up to 15kmph and with two 12 volt 5Ah batteries you can enjoy around a half hour of fun and cover around 8 km distance from each charge. The rear wheel has an efficient disc brake that’s capable of stopping the bike in just a few meters and ensures a better control over the bike. With a seat height of around 17.5 inches this awesome kid’s bike is suitable for ages 8 and upwards and should be used under parental supervision and with safety equipments for a great on or off road experience.

Home Weather Station: This unique cobblestone style home weather station can bring you the details you need to keep you a step ahead of the weather. Brining you a greater level of detail and using sophisticated electronics and sensors this cobblestone design weather station brings you a greater level of detail and localized measurements than you could ever get from just glancing out of the window or checking a Smartphone application. Using an RF wireless sensor the colorful, back lit weather station can bring you the latest indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as humidity on its large LCD display that will also use a pictorial representation to inform you of the days forecast be it sunny, partly cloudy, overcast or rainy that can be instantly identifiable at just a glance. Showing the time, day and with alarm clock that includes a snooze function this doubles up as a beside clock so you can wake up and see what weather the day will bring or snuggle back into bed until the sun comes out to greet you.

Fingerprint + Facial Recognition Attendance System: Whether used to simplify attendance record keeping or tighten security for a sensitive installations or your secret bat cave this system can hold up to 3000 fingerprint patterns and 300 facial images for top notch security. With the fingerprint identification you can easily monitor the arrival and departure of individuals and log attendance of a resident population or workforce. Attached to an electronic door lock the terminal provides an added layer of security and prevents unauthorized access to secure locations only permitting registered users to gain access to apartment buildings, offices or locations you wish to keep secure. Facial recognition increases the security level and with a HD camera this system can accurately authenticate individuals based on their facial structure and appearance. An intuitive user interface and software makes it easy to set up and for users to interact with and offers a high tech approach for any modern company.

15.6 Inch Portable DVD Player: Bawling from the back seat as this 15.6 inch portable DVD player will keep them enthralled for hours thanks to an 1800mAh built in battery. That should be enough for their favorite film or cartoon classics. The screen is able to rotate 270 degrees so the angle can be adjusted for easy viewing by all and a copy function lets you duplicate content. Supporting all major formats and with a USB and SD card slot there are plenty of ways to access all your favorits even those stored on memory pens and cards. The TFT LCD screen offers a 1366 by 768 resolution and with a 16:9 aspect ratio you won’t have to put up with poorly displayed content or cropped movies. Its rechargeable Lithium-ion battery means you don’t have to worry about where to plug it in and all you need to do is just charge it before your next trip.

1 DIN Region Free Car DVD Player: Take to the open roads with your own soundtrack that can be enjoyed in high fidelity with an in car entertainment system that deliver a clear, crisp sound and offers multiple media options. Encompassing all you would expect from a great car DVD player, with front USB port, Micro SD card slot and Aux in you can enjoy all your music, no matter the format. Able to play a wide range of CDs, VCD,s and DVDs this player is also region free so you can use DVDs from anywhere in the world, just hook up the player to a monitor via the video output and you’re all set to go with great movies in your car. Bluetooth communications let you pair your smart phone or tablet with this in car entertainment system so answering calls hands free is effortless. With this DVD player by your side you won’t have a dull moment as it can pump out 45 Watt sound to 4 speakers for a 180Watt thumping beat.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.7.2015. | 16:18
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