How To Download YouTube Videos On Android For Offline Viewing

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.7.2015. | 08:13


Do you like watching YouTube videos? Do you wish you could do that more often, for example when standing in line or on a long- haul flight?

Well, you can.

Our main concern with watching YouTube videos on our phones is Wi-Fi. We need a stable connection if we don’t want to keep working with for the sole purpose of paying our exorbitant phone bills.

Being on a constant search for Wi-Fi can be a pain, especially when so many perfect YouTube watching occasions occur when there is no network in sight.

So, here’s what you can do.

There are a number of apps available that can help you get a selection of YouTube videos onto your Android smartphone or tablet so that you can watch them whenever you want, in offline mode.

PcAdvisor recommends using TubeMate for the task and this is the app we are going to refer to in this guide.

  1. TubeMate is not available on Google Play, but you will be able to find it on its own personal website Head to the site and download the latest version of the app. Before the download begins, your smartphone will warn you that this application may harm your device. Don’t worry and go ahead with the download.

Note: By default, your Android device will not allow you to install software that did not come from the Play Store. To change the default settings in order to download the app, head over to Settings>Security and enable Unknown Sources.

Don’t forget to disable the feature again after TubeMate download is complete.

  1. Install TubeMate. You can find the apk file in your File Manager, in the Downloads folder. If you are worried about safety (after all, the app did not come from the Play Store), you can scan the file before going ahead with the installation process. Once you are ready, open up the file to go start installing the app.
  2. Accept the permissions required by the app.
  3. Once the installation is done, tap Open.
  4. When you open up the app, you will see a selection of YouTube videos, Search bar and the Settings menu (letting you access playlist options).
  5. Choose a video you would like to have on your phone for offline use and select it in the app. Find a green arrow symbol at the top of the screen and tap on it.
  6. TubeMate will offer you a few options for download quality and you can choose the one that suits you better, depending on the time you have and the speed of your connection. You can also download the MP3 version (sound only) – a good option if you just want the music. Choose the option that suits you best and tap the Download button.
  7. When your video is ready, you will get a notification on your smartphone or tablet (in the drop-down bar at the top od the screen). Tap on the video to play it.
  8. All the videos you download will be stored in the File Manager (Videos folder). From there, you can also move the files between folders or transfer to other devices.
Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.7.2015. | 08:13
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  1. MightyJAK July 1, 09:05

    I quit using TubeMate. Too many errors, and worse, it would often report downloads complete with no errors even though the video was only partially downloaded. Nowadays I’m using Videoder. Much more efficient and dependable with a simple interface. Only complaint is it locks the screen to portrait, which is annoying when I’m using my tablet as a laptop with keyboard attached.

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