Made For Women: Gadgets To Help You Keep Fit

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.6.2015. | 22:29

Workout gadgets

It’s often considered that men are the primary market for all sorts of gadgetry – and they are the ones hunting for new technology to improve their lives. However, thinking that women are not into tech could not be more misleading. True, their requirements to gadgets may be slightly different: esthetics may play a bigger part in buying considerations – but other than that, they too want to have their lives made easier.

In this post, we have rounded up a nice selection of gadgets that could help women in their quest for health and fitness. Whether you are buying for yourself, looking for a gift or searching for new inventory for your own store, we hope that after reading this you will walk away with a few good ideas.

Fitness Tracking

Activity Monitor

Getting in shape or keeping it is no easy task, and it’s a good idea to get all the help we can get – especially when there are lots of electronic devices out there that can keep us on the right track to health and fitness.

True, there are lots of fitness trackers out there to choose from, but let’s face it, most of them look quite gadgety, with no particular mystery in the design. This is fine for a quick workout at the gym, but if you are looking for an accessory that would look good in any occasion, you may take a closer look at the Otium Shine line. With this activity wristband, you will be able to track everything from walking and running to swimming and cycling, and even sleeping, while the interesting design does not give it away as a gadget. In the end, you a get two-in-one kind of deal: a unique fashion accessory and a lifestyle enhancing device that will be there for you during the toughest workouts.


Otium Shine

Otium Shine

Body Fat Scale

You probably already have the dreaded body scale at home. However, how much you weigh is not the best indicator of your fitness level. These days, body scales can give you many more details about your body: BMI, moisture content, fat content, muscle mass and more.


Bluetooth Body Fat Scales

Bluetooth Body Fat Scales

Home Gym

When you don’t have time to go to the gym and the weather outside is not very jog-friendly, it’s nice to have a mini-gym at home. Surely, you don’t want to clutter your personal space with exercise machines, but having several small portable appliances could come in quite handy.

Here are a few fitness accessories that can fit into any space:

  • A mini-stepper is a great cardio and leg workout. The machine itself is small and light and can be easily moved around the house and stored out of sight when you are done exercising.
  • A Bluetooth skipping rope can offer you a simple, effective and familiar form of exercise and give you some key info about your workout.
  •  A portable weight set – perfect for those who enjoy pumping iron in the comfort of their own home

Smart Stepper


Healthy Eating

We’ve all heard about the “you are what you eat” rule, but keeping to it seems to be quite a bit harder than re-tweeting it or sharing as status on Facebook. Organizing your meals into a healthy diet is a task that requires the knowledge about nutrition, chemistry and quite often some hefty math skills. Luckily, there is a nice selection of electronics to helps us get organized. For instance, a digital food scale can make sure you are not overeating.


Digital Food Scale


Another problem that one may encounter on the road to well-being is having a healthy meal on the go. We don’t always have the time to indulge in cooking our favourite meals and finding a healthy snack outside can be a complicated quest ridden with fast food temptations. Once again, technology comes to the rescue. There is a nice array of kitchen equipment out there that can take on the cooking and let you get to your day.

  • A yoghurt maker will let you create healthy personalized meals with fresh ingredients.
  • An air fryer will help you enjoy favourite delicious foods with without overusing oil.
  • A steam cooker is one of the best ways to prepare vegetables and fish and can cook you a healthy lunch or dinner completely independently.
  • An electric juicer will start off your day on the right note, adding a fresh zesty note to your early breakfast.

With so many options available there are plenty of gadgets to chose from, Chinavasion has a nice selection to get you started.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.6.2015. | 22:29
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