Time To Spring Clean Your Phone!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.6.2015. | 21:36

Spring Clean Your Phone

Most of us probably have house cleaning as a regular item on our to-do lists. However, it may not be the case when it comes to our smartphones. As a result, our apartments may be clean, but the devices we use every day are cluttered with old and useless files, slowing things down and making us lose our tempers.

All of this can be easily prevented if you make it a rule to regularly clean your phone of junk.

Here’s a simple guide to get your phone in its best condition and keep it serving you for long years to come.

Note: before starting the cleanup, make sure you backup your data (if you don’t have your phone settings tweaked to do that automatically), so that nothing goes missing during the process.

Clean Up Media Content

Your photos and videos may be a source of great entertainment, but they also make up the biggest space-hoggers on your device. In addition to the photos you have the Camera Roll, there ay be lots of old useless stuff hidden away as screenshots, downloaded media, social network content and more. So, make sure to go through all your albums and get rid of all the content you no longer see the use for on your smartphone. If there are not too many photos to get rid of you can delete them one by one by long-pressing each photo individually.

Note: even though you may have your photos synced with a cloud service, there is a good chance the originals are still taking up space on your device.

Take A Look At Your Downloads

Your Downloads folder is a perfect hideaway for unnecessary files that slow down your device. Every time you check an email attachment or grab a PDF file, they firmly take root in your Downloads folder. You may take a quick look at the file and forget all about it, but it will stay on your phone. Things can build up quickly and start affecting your device’s performance. That’s why a regular checking and sifting through your Downloads folder is a pretty good practice.

Go over the files and get rid of the once you no longer need. Once again, you can delete the files one by one or do so in bulk through the Settings menu.

Note: be careful when deleting media files, as the downloaded versions may be the only ones stored on your device.

Manage Old Applications

It’s often difficult to control yourself when shopping in the Play Store: new games, useful tools, wallpaper updates and lots of other temptations. Some of these applications work our well and we end up using them almost every day, while others get stuck on the back pages of your phone.

If you see apps that are not in frequent use, consider getting rid of them. Remember that even if you happen to need the applications later, you can always download them again – and in the meantime enjoy the extra space on your device.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.6.2015. | 21:36
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