Import from China: 5 Trends That Matter

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.6.2015. | 16:53

5 import from China trends

Importing from China for your business sounds so common these days. However, it’s always good to ask yourself why you should as well. Below are 5 trends that support the choice of importing from China, instead of buying from your local dealer.

Better price
The end of cheap China? Sounds way to negative. Though labor cost is increasing, the average employee is more efficient these days , supported by robots that do the heavy work. Why else would Apple decide to product their iPhones and iPads in China?

Improving quality
Quality first. If Chinese factories aren’t able to offer the quality that your customer needs, it makes no sense. Luckily quality is improving at a fast speed, and the term ‘Made in China’ is gaining more reputation.

Lower MOQ
The factories realize this. Customers care about low MOQ or even better: no MOQ. In response, factory lines are becoming more flexible and are able to run shorter production cycles efficiently. Besides if you order from a online wholesalers like, there’s no MOQ at all and all the goods are quality checked before they are shipped.

Lower shipping cost
The amount of goods that are exported is beyond your imagination. China has become the most efficient logistics hub in the world. As a consequence, shipping costs are super cheap!

Easier communication
The idea of the world turning into a Global Village is also valid in China. The Chinese learn more and more about Western cultures, and the ability to communicate in English is increasing fast.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.6.2015. | 16:53
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  1. Bridget October 29, 09:46

    Nice infographic. Right now we’re finding factories have fewer orders and are far more flexible on MOQs. But it still pays to check them out (online and on site) before you place an order!

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