Latest Chinavasion Electronics: Siswoo i7 Cooper Android 5.0 4G Smartphone, Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus & more

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Siswoo i7 Cooper Android 5.0 4G Smartphone

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Many fabulous new products have been launched today, for sure these will keep you stunned. Such as the amazing Siswoo i7 Cooper Android 5.0 4G Smartphone. What are you waiting for, read more about these items below in detail!

Siswoo i7 Cooper Android 5.0 4G Smartphone: If you’re a hardcore multitasker, then you’ll definitely appreciate 64 bit. Another highlight is that the phone comes with 2 SIM card slots. You might wonder why the heck you need two slots, but there more reasons than you can imagine. If you’re carrying two phones (one for business, one for personal life) then it’s now time to get rid of this inconvenience. The Siswoo i7 caries two cards for you and allows you to conveniently switch between them. Besides just the powerful specs, 64bit feature, and Dual SIM. The Cooper i7 comes with a popular 5.0 Inc HD display that perfectly portability, experience and energy efficiency.

Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus: A super tough hardened glass screen protector, that’s also known as tempered glass. Made from the highest quality materials, this iPhone 6 plus screen protector is going to save your phone from ugly scratches. In addition, the glass is made to absorb impact as a result of your iPhone 6 plus falling on hard surfaces. The special feature of this screen guard is that it’s not only 0.3mm thin, but also comes with an awesome looking thin white border.

0.2mm Tempered Glass for iPhone 6: When manufactured, tempered is subjected to thermal or chemical treatment, which gives it a unique structure and high level of damage resistance. Tempered glass is scratchproof (9H Hardness Rating), shatterproof (will absorb energy on impact, but not shatter into pieces) provides good protection against dirt, dust and finger smudges. All you need to do is clean your phone’s screen, pick up the tempered glass screen protector, remove the protective adhesive layer and apply it to your screen. The ultrathin 0.2 mm screen protector with no borders will give your screen a clear look and will not affect the beautiful design of your phone. You can easily clean the screen protector with water when needed.

0.2mm Ultra Thin Tempered Glass for iPhone 6 Plus: Without affecting your phone’s good looks, the tempered glass protector will keep its screen safe against scratches, drops and other damage. The screen protector is a perfect fit for iPhone 6 Plus and comes with a number of noteworthy features. It is washable, letting you simply clean the screen with water when it gets dusty or smudged. It features 9H Hardness Rating, protecting your phone’s screen from scratches by hard and sharp objects. It is shatterproof and will not break into pieces on impact, while directing most of the energy of the drop away from your screen. It is ultrathin. With only 0.2 mm of thickness, the screen protector will practically merge with your phone’s screen.

Tempered Glass for iPhone 6 (No Border): Your phone’s display is one of the most vulnerable elements and there are many situations that can lead to it being scratched, smudged or completely broken. Screen repairs are costly, especially so when it comes to a 4,7 inch Retina display of an iPhone.A tempered glass screen protector will keep your phone’s screen safe and give you the much-needed peace of mind. A plastic screen protector may offer a shield against dirt and abrasions, but it will also affect the look and feel of your phone’s display and won’t provide enough protection against hard drops and scratches by sharp objects.

Tempered Glass for iPhone 6 Plus (No Border): The tempered glass screen protector is specifically meant for the iPhone 6 + model and will be a perfect fit for your smartphone.Coming with the 9H Hardness Rating, it is resistant to scratches, keeping your phone’s large 5.5 inch screen safe and unscathed, even if your phone is being knocked about in your backpack or pocket. The screen protector is shatterproof, meaning that on impact it will observe most of the energy and yet not break into sharp-edged pieces, protecting your phone’s screen from damage and your hands from unpleasant glass cuts. The ultrathin 0.3 mm design will preserve the natural look and feel of your iPhone’s beautiful screen, while serving as a durable shield against damage.

7 Inch TFT LCD Car Monitor: This 7 inch TFT LCD monitor is suitable for use in your home or car and has HDMI, AV and VGA support letting you hook it up to a rearview parking camera, DVD player or even a games consol for the ultimate in car entertainment when you’re on the go. Mounted on your dashboard it can be used as a rearview camera monitor or as a pure entertainment device. With a thin film transfer (TFT), LCD you can benefit from the ultimate combination of performance and value that brings outstanding quality and life to all it displays. Coming with HFMI, VGA and AV cables and taking just a few moments to install make this the perfect accessory for that road trip this summer.

Pre Order: NO.1 S2 IP67 Bluetooth Smart Watch: The NO.1 S2 smartwatch brings back the best of the watchmaking tradition in the form of a classic round watchface and elegant time-honored design. When it comes to functionality, the NO.1 S2 model steps away from tradition and aims to offer you all that is best and newest in the smartwatch experience. Coming with an expansive circular 1.33 inch IPS screen, made from nano tempered glass, the 240×240 screen will demonstrate better damage resistance and the IP67 waterproof rating. With the IP67 Bluetooth smartwatch, you will be able to manage your phone calls and text messages, control your camera remotely, calculate the calories you burnt off while walking (Pedometer) and get a good night’s rest (Sleep Monitor). Even comes with an independent music player, and once you connect the watch to a Bluetooth headset, you can enjoy your favourite tracks directly from the watch.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.6.2015. | 12:41
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