10 Best Value Android Phones

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.6.2015. | 07:13

With the ever-increasing role that phones are playing in our lives, it is natural that we want to put more thought into the selection process.

What you look for in a smartphone is, of course, personal. However, most of us still have the same basic factors in mind: functionality, design and price.

In this list, we have selected 10 Android smartphones that seem to possess the optimal combination of functionality, design and price. Here they are – best value Android phones of 2015.

Motorola Moto G

Moto G

Android 5.0, 5 Inch Display at $180


This 2014 model is bound to be just as popular in 2015 thanks to its great combo of features and a budget price tag. Starting at only $179, Motorola Moto G features Android 5.0, a 5 inch 720p display, fashionable design with replaceable shells and Snapdragon 400 processor. With this nice selection of key functions all fitted nicely in just under $180, it’s not a surprise that Motorola Moto G is the company’s best selling model. On the downside, there is the 8MP only camera, no LTE and just 8GB of storage. But again – $179.

Ulefone Be Pro 4G Smartphone


5.5 Inch IPS OGS Screen, 4G at $134.99

If you are looking for a smartphone with a big quality screen and good specs, yet at a price even slightly lower than the above Motorola Moto G model – you might be pleasantly surprised to discover Ulephone Be Pro. The model comes with a 5.5 inch IPS OGS screen, 4G connectivity, and an MTK6732 quad core processor Not too shabby for $134.99.

Motorola Moto E

Moto E

4.5 Inch Display, Android 4.4 at $119


Moving to an even lower brink on the price scale, we have another Motorola creation – Moto E (2015). You will have a smaller, yet convenient and compact 4.5 inch display, Android 4.4.4 OS, good battery life and a nice responsive interface.

As might be expected though, with the price starting at $119, there are compromises to be made. In the case of Moto E, these compromises will be about limited internal storage (8 GB), camera quality (5 MP) and light screen glare.



4.5 Inch Display, 13MP Wide Angle Camera, Android 4.4 at 94.99


A famous Chinese smartphone manufacturer DOOGEE takes the idea of great value even further and bumps the price for its DG800 model down to $94.99. For this very low price, however, some pretty amazing specs are in play.

You have the 4.5 inch display, a powerful 13MP super wide angle camera + Smart Beauty Capture, a functional back touch panel (you will be able to control your smartphone by sliding or tapping the back panel) and Android 4.4.

Samsung Galaxy Avant

Samsung Galaxy Avant

4.5 Inch Display, Android 4.4 at $149


If you are intent on getting a “big name smartphone”, there is nothing like going with the most popular Android smartphone manufacturer. Samsung Galaxy Avant does come with a pocket-pleasing price of $149. To make the model available for price-conscious consumers, Samsung stepped away from the famous AMOLED display and this definitely shows – the 4.5 inch display does not look as bright and the visuals not as impressive. However, you do have a reliable Android 4.4, a 1.2 GHz CPU and a beautiful Samsung design.

Nexodus Pro


6.5 inch FHD 1080p Display, 13 MP camera at $124.99


If you don’t want to compromise the size of your smartphone screen and hope to get a more media-oriented device within a similar budget, you may want to take a look at Nexodus Pro. The smartphone comes with a whopping 6.5 inch FHD 1080p display – perfect for movie watching and game playing. You will have 16GB of internal memory at your disposal, an MTK6589 Turbo quad core processor and two cameras, with the back camera coming at 13MP. All for $124.99.

HTC Desire 610

HTC Desire 610

Android 4.4, 4.7 Inch Screen, LTE at $237


HTC smartphones are known for their high-end design, beautiful shiny looks and prices could hardly be referred to as “cheap”. Perhaps this is why when the phone decided to issue a budget model, a number of things had to be given up. HTC Desire 610 comes at $237 (quite a chunk more than the previous models on this list). Instead of HTC’s signature metal body, this one comes with a plastic one, features a less well-performing screen and camera. On the plus side, it does support LTE network, has loud stereo speakers and Android 4.4.

THL 5000


5000mAh Battery, 5 Inch IPS OGS Screen, Octa Core 2.0GHz CPU at $249.99


For a similar price as HTC Desire 610, you have quite a few options with China-manufactured smartphones. One of them is the bestselling THL5000.The first thing you must and will notice about the model is its humongous 5000mAh battery – hence, the name. With it, your THL can be left on standby for 1000 hours, make 47 hours’ worth of calls, allow you 11 hours in uninterrupted web browsing or movie watching, 125 of music listening and…you get the idea. In addition to the battery, you will bet getting a 5 inch Gorilla Glass OGS screen, Octa Core 2.0GHz CPU and a 13 MP back camera. All for $249.99.

ZTE Blade S6

ZTE_Blade_S6_Smartphone_can_ArkqTgoD.jpg.thumb_400x400 (1)

Android 5.0, 5 Inch Screen, 4G at $249.99


While in the same price category, we can not but mention ZTE Blade S6. Very few phones on this list come with Android 5.0, but ZTE Blade 6 boldly breaks this misfortune. In addition to Android 5.0, the smartphone boasts a 5 inch 1280×720 screen and supports 4G. Basically, ZTE Blade S6 tried (and probably succeeded) at combining everything that is “latest” in this still budget model at $249.99.

LG Optimus L9

LG Optimus L9

4.7 Inch Display, Gorilla Glass, 2460mAh Battery at $149


A phone that has “ optimus” in the name is kind of hinting already at its ability in being the optimal tool: not too fancy, not too functional and not too expensive. At around $149, you will have a sturdy entry-level model with a 4.7 inch IPS display with Gorilla Glass, a long-lasting 2, 460 mAh battery and a 1.2 GHz processor.

For an even bigger selection of Android smartphones, click here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.6.2015. | 07:13
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