Latest Chinavasion Electronics: Wireless Pocket LED Projector ‘Pebble 2’, 16MP WiFi Action Camera & more

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Wireless Pocket LED Projector 'Pebble 2'

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Today we have launched a list of amazing products, you would surely like to own them. One of these is the most awaited Wireless Pocket LED Projector ‘Pebble 2’. Read more about these new products below!

Wireless Pocket LED Projector ‘Pebble 2’: Taking advantage of DLP and brilliant color technology this mini projector can emit a high quality picture with rich colors and the 1000:1 contrast ratio. With a 60 inch large format image displayed it feels as though you have a large screen TV with you but at a fraction of the price and size. This projector comes with a Mobile High Definition Link and cables so you can easily connect your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other portable electronic device letting you play films or show presentations effortlessly. For hassle free use you can take advantage of the Miracast, DLNA or Airplay support and have a totally wire free setup. A 90 minute battery life is more than enough for most uses but you can easily use the USB lead to power the projector for longer usage. With a cradle stand and tripod this projector is easy to setup for any angle and lets you set up a home cinema on the go.

16MP WiFi Action Camera: This 16MP Wi-Fi camera will follow you on the most extreme of adventures, that even your friends may be reluctant to join. A wide angle lens lets you capture the image within a bigger frame, the details of the surrounding environment will not go missing. When shooting videos, you will be impressed by a 1080p resolution at 30 frame per second and when you feel the need for speed, you can easily switch to 60 frames per second. When the images are ready, you won’t have trouble sharing them with the world, as this 16MP camera comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Among the standard accessories you will also find many cool stuff such as a waterproof case, bandages, adhesives and many great mounts. That means that you’ll have all the right tools in place for attaching you camera in the most beneficial viewing point, as you go, run, swim or even fly about your exciting day.

Portable Vinyl Turntable: Put on your favourite record (or the one you sneak from your grandfather’s collection), close your eyes and imagine walking into a 1960s jazz bar to the authentic rusty sounds of trumpet and the heavy comments of the trombone. This vinyl turntable comes in a portable form, so bringing it to the office or a friend’s house will be a piece of cake. It would also make a perfect gift for a record collector or anyone reminiscing about “the good old days”. With two built-in speakers and a stereo output jacks, you will get a full range of high quality sound and enjoy a genuine acoustic performance in the comfort of your home. With a 3.5 jack for your headphones, you can also listen to a private concert and let the world fade away to the classic sounds of your favourite records.

EAMEY Primo 3 Bluetooth 4.0 MP3 Sports Headset: EAMEY Primo 3 Bluetooth headset is perfect for all sorts of sports activities, from running and hiking to weight lifting and yoga. Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a built-in SD card, the headset has done away with annoying wires and now nothing will get in the way of your exercise routine. This smart Bluetooth headset will not only entertain you with energizing tracks, but also keep record of your fitness activity with the built-in pedometer. Connect the headset to your laptop, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 or insert a micro SD card with all your music directly into the headset. With a built-in mic, you will be able to hold Skype conversations and the Voice Prompt function will alert you to the incoming calls on your smartphone. If you want to catch up on the latest events or get access to more music tracks, the headset features an FM radio.

Portable 5mW Green Beam Laser Pointer: Only a little larger and heavier than a fountain pen this portable laser pen emits a 532mm wavelength light which shows as a green light. The strong copper body means is robust enough to be carried around I your bag or briefcase and at just 163 by 14mm its small enough to keep in your shirt or jacket pocket. A reliable tool for any teacher, lecturer or board room executive, this pen allows for easy explanation and clear identification of key points and data. This will not only save you time but bring a professional air to all your presentations.When it comes to laser the first question many people ask is are they safe to use. The general answer to this is yes. This 5mW laser pen should cause any harm and even if eyes are accidentally exposed to the light from this pen there shouldn’t be any lasting damage.

Portable 5mW Purple Beam Laser Pen: This stylish pen is made from copper and houses a powerful light that emits a 405nm wavelength laser beam for pinpointing details on a map, blackboard, projected image or just for confusing everyone when playing laser tag. At only 163 by 14mm its small and also lightweight so you can keep it in your pocket, bag or briefcase. This indispensable tool makes teaching or presentations a breeze and you will look like the ultimate professional with effortless explanations and commanding attention. Step up with this for your next boardroom experience or lecture and really impress as all you key facts and data are taken in, ideal for any teachers, lectures, and true leaders. The 5mW laser light that comes from this pen is perfectly safe as long as people’s eyes are not exposed to if for any time.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.6.2015. | 14:59
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