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When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, he said “yuck” to the stylus. But, it’s back in a very big way. Not all manufacturers are in love with it though. For example, Apple is still stylus-free. Who will come out the winner? That remains to be seen. Here’s what you need to know about the new-age stylus and popular journaling and writing apps.


The “S” Pen

The S-Pen is a new type of stylus. It’s bills more as a digital pen than anything else. According to this blog post, the Galaxy Note is the only one that’s currently incorporating this iteration of it. The uses seem almost endless though, so don’t be surprised if other manufacturers come out with something similar.

The pen can be used to copy/paste things more easily than what’s possible with a finger (especially if you have big, meaty digits), but it’s also great for writing on the screen. Note-taking apps are now hitting the app stores and this faux stylus means that when you take a note, you can literally take a note – no more typing.



Notebook is an app for iPhone and iPad. It’s an easy-to-use application that’s being used to take personal notes as an alternative to the default Notes app on iOS. With Notebook, you can create, edit, and organize notes. You can also share them on all of your iOS devices and even with your PC. The UI is clean and intuitive, just like you’d expect it to be.



Vesper is one of the coolest, and most useful, note-taking applications available on iPhone. It’s extremely simple and clean and has features like drag-n-drop, reordering, and photo-attaching options. It lets you collect and organize notes, to-dos, and random ideas you might have.

If you’ve always struggled with the native apps on your iPhone, Vesper is a solution that replaces several of them. There’s no iPad version yet, but if you’re an avid iPhone user, try this one out.



This app helps you log what you do during the course of a day, built for Android. You start with a blank slate and full markdown support. Everything you put in here syncs with Google Drive and, if you’re using multiple devices, you can sync across those devices too.

The strength of this app is in the detail it includes – meta data, like your location and the weather when you made your journal entry. It also allows you to attach video and photos. Think of it as part scrapbook, part notebook.



This app takes a different approach to the usual writing and journaling. Made by the same folks who did Journey, this Android app focuses on distraction-free writing. You get a de-cluttered starting point, and simple formatting options.

When you’re done, you can export to just about anything – including Dropbox – and file formats include plain text, PDFs, and markdown to HTML.

If you want more features, you can purchase them in-app. The next-best thing to this is a full-sized text editor and, while the features might seem simple, there’s a wealth of options hidden even in the basic app. Try it. It’s a different experience than Journey, but one you’ll quickly fall in love with.

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This post was written by Crystal Evans, a phone sales manager. She loves writing about her experiences on the web. Her articles are available mostly on technology and entertainment sites.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.5.2015. | 10:02
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    Writing apps and tools have become an inseparable part of the students’ daily lives. Tablets are being used all the time for typing drafts, research papers, courseworks, dissertations. Schools are allowed to organize their webinars and classes via phone apps and PCs.

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