The Most Thrilling App On Android? S.M.T.H. Asks You To Throw Your Phone In The Sky

Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.5.2015. | 09:18

When an app is called “Send Me To Heaven”, you instinctively think it will be about something ethereal, nice and ultimately reassuring. Wrong. Send Me To Heaven is a game that aims to raise the stakes of mobile gaming, so that no one will ever say that playing games on your phone is a pastime for the lazy and the faint of heart.

The game asks you to risk the thing you hold dearest – your mobile phone.

The plot of the game is very simple (and that’s what makes it scary). Send Me To Heaven asks you to throw your phone as high as you can and compete against the other users of the app in how high and fast the phone has been thrown. Basically, when the phone leaves your hand and attains zero gravity, the count-off starts. Once it’s back in your hand again – it stops. The time is then divided by two and the final result is calculated within a free fall formula.

Surely, when the phone falls to the ground – it doesn’t’ count. The app can detect when the device fell further than it rose and dismisses these results as an error. No first aid is offered for your phone and you will probably have to walk away empty-handed. Literally.

Designed by CarrotPop, the app may be regarded as a stone thrown in the face of consumerism or just a fun and crazy way to push yourself to get a new phone.

Since its launch, the app has attracted quite a number of followers and participants – which proves once again that people would try anything once. A black cloud on the flying phone parade was a ban from IOS. Apple accused the game of“encouraging behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device” – which, in all, fairness, could only be classified as “guilty as charged”.

Send Me To Heaven (or S.M.T.H., for short) is still available on Android, so if you are looking for a way to make your heart race (and create an adrenaline rush for your Android) – head over to the Play Store and let the games begin.

Make sure to watch the intro video before you start to make sure you and your phone are clear on the rules.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 29.5.2015. | 09:18
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