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An ancient art dating back tens of thousands of years fishing has been practiced be almost every race and culture known to man. Classic tales of great white whales and lazy afternoons by the river ensure that fishing is enshrined in our cultures and the battle between fish and those trying to catch them will go on ad infinitum.

Thanks to technology there is a wide range of fishing aids to help the modern day fishermen meaning that the next catch is never far away making fishing more enjoyable. So whether you’re fishing for your dinner or just for the sport, technology is on your side and should be taken advantage off.

Like all hunters, fish will seek the best conditions for catching their food. Therefore the fisherman and women, should also select the optimal place and time for fishing. Knowing the course and eddies in a river or finding the perfect spot of open water to sink your line can be a hard skill to acquire and one that takes plenty of time and patience, but help is at hand in the form of fishing lights, underwater cameras and other aids.


LED Fishing lights

For years fishermen have gone out at night and hung lanterns on poles or in trees above where they are fishing, knowing that the light will attract fish. However white light is not always the best for this as it’s absorbed quickly by the water. Using a green and blue light can help it to penetrate deeper in to water.

Another reason the blue and greens work well is that fish are a product of their environment and as such have developed eyesight that is developed for life in dark water. This has resulted in the eyes of many underwater animals becoming more receptive to blue and green light.

A green or blue light will also attract plankton which in turn is food for larger animals like minnows and shrimp which love to feed on them, these bait fish will in turn attract larger predatory fish that will swim up to check them out and have a tasty meal. If you’re fishing in this area with the correct bait then you too will be sure of a tasty dinner when the larger fish take your bait.

These LED fishing lights are a lot lighter than those big old gas lanterns and will work out much cheaper with their large rechargeable batteries. What’s more they can shine in two or three colors so are suitable for different conditions. If you have been lugging around heavy gear needlessly, then perhaps it’s time to invest in an easier way to catch those fish.


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Underwater Cameras

Being able to see where the fish are before bating your line and casting is a time saving way to make your fishing trip more productive and that’s where underwater cameras can come into their own. They let you find fish, monitor their movements and result in a better catch rate. These fish finders will typically allow a 360 degree rotational view of what’s going on beneath the surface and have a small color monitor as well as control to change or rotate the viewing angle. With many models like those sold at Chinavasion you can even record or snap photos of what the camera sees which is great if you’re a monitoring fish life or stock levels.



Sonar Fish Locator

Sometimes you may be looking for larger schools of fish or be working in deep water where the use of an attractive light to lure the fish in or even an underwater camera is just not suitable.

In these instances a sonar fish finder can be of use and by sending out sound wave signals and picking up their reflection it can detect fish at a depths of up to 100 meters. These work on the same principles of the expensive sonar instruments you will find in big commercial trawlers but at a fraction of the cost and is much more portable. Generally the size of a mobile phone with a cable and sensor attached to one end they are easily operated and can be a quick and easy way to locate fish before setting up your tackle.

Like the underwater camera there use is not restricted to the fisherman and the can be extremely helpful to conservationists who may be tracking the movement of fish or larger marine life.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.5.2015. | 15:41
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