How To Play YouTube Videos On Android While Working With Other Apps

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.5.2015. | 20:33

YouTube has long crossed over from a video sharing app to an international pastime. “I am watching YouTube videos” has thus become a popular answer to a number of queries, hinting the other party to leave you alone and let you indulge in the activity in peace.

The YouTube app comes on most Android phones by default and entertains us with videos on the go, while riding the subway and in a great number of other situations where boredom is to be avoided.

Typically, firing up the app calls for our undivided attention and prevents us from browsing the web, playing games or getting involved in any other activity.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if you could play a video in the background and still go about your regular smartphone activities, like answering texts, emails or working with other applications?

It would be nice and it is also possible. All you need is the right app. Here’s a simple “how to” illustration on playing YouTube videos in the background.

How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background

The app you need is a portal for YouTube videos that would allow you to minimize the video while still keeping it playing as you get involved in other activities on your Android device.

One of the apps of this kind is Awesome Pop-up Video. Upon installing the application, your video player will float on the screen, leaving you to work with other tools and applications, completely unaffected by what you close or open.

Awesome Pop-Up Video

Awesome Pop-up Video (free on Google Play Store)


The app will let you play videos in the minimized pop-up version and well as in full size, and you won’t be limited to just YouTube.

With Awesome Pop-up Video, you will be able to play any video from the Internet, without downloading it and do that while managing other things on your smartphone. Mutitaskers rejoice! You can now easily finish that email while watching the latest Criminal Minds episode.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.5.2015. | 20:33
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  1. Nkem Jorge May 25, 13:42

    Awesome pop-up video will truly enable me to multi-task cos I’m among those that love multitasking. Thanks China Vision

  2. Nkem Jorge May 25, 13:44

    I truly appreciate this. I love multitasking and surely Awesome pop-up video app will be very useful.

  3. Nkem Jorge May 29, 12:21

    Nice app. But when will there be an App for downloading videos directly

  4. Ling Cheung May 30, 10:20

    If you android phone is not very powerful will the app crash.

  5. Nkem Jorge May 30, 15:57

    Why are my comments not showing?

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