What Is Hot Knot And How To Use It?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.5.2015. | 18:27

what is hot knot?If you have already looked through some of the new models of Chinese Android phones, you may have noticed that quite a number of them boast a feature called Hot Knot.

What is HotKnot and should you be excited?

HotKnot also written as Hot Knot  has been around for a quite a while and was actually developed in 2013 by a Chinese touchscreen designer Goodix.

The technology allows the capacitive touchscreens of smartphones to interact – a feature that can be used for quick data transfer/sharing, in a similar way to NFC.

When the two screens are near each other, their physics are used in such a way that allows one of them to act as a transmitter and the other one as a receiver.

In order for the technology to work, the two phones need to come with Hot Knot technology and be in close proximity to each other (within at least one centimeter).

Then a connection between the two phones will be established and the devices will be ready to communicate and share.

What will you be able to do with Hot Knot Technology?

Hot Knot allows you to perform most of the same actions that you would have with NFC, such as:

  • Transfer and exchange photos and videos
  • Sharing contact data: web addresses, phone contacts, social media contacts, etc.
  • Sharing application data
  • Facilitate mobile payments
  • Exchange game moves
  • Enable Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi connectivity and other services.

How To Enable Hot Knot On My Phone? Can I download an App?

To enable Hot Knot on your smartphone, go to Settings>Hot Knot. A question will appear on the screen “Allow data exchange when the screen touches another device?”. Once you toggle it on, Hot Knot will be enabled and once you have your phone’s screen close to another device’s screen, you will be able to perform data exchange.

For those of you wondering if you can download Hot Knot through an app, the simple answer is no. There is no such  thing as a Hot Knot app, because it’s part of the hardware of the phone.

How Does Hot Knot Compare to Bluetooth and NFC?

One of the major benefits of Hot Knot, compared to NFC, is cost-effectiveness. While NFC requires antennas and RF communication chips to enable data transfer, Hot Knot does the same without the above-mentioned additions and uses a new type of capacitor for touchscreens to make data transfer possible. At the same time, the speed of data transfer through Hot Know may be a bit slower than when using NFC, as the technology currently allows the transfer speed of about 7kbps.

Compared to Bluetooth, organizing data exchange via Hot Knot is an easier task, as you won’t have to search through the list of devices available for pairing, because the phones will have to be in a really close proximity to each other. for a more details look at Hot Knot and NFC check out this comparison blog.

A Video Demonstration


What kind of phones feature Hot Knot?

Since its launch by Goodix, the feature has become a popular one with Chinese manufacturers and these days you will find quite a few models that come with Hot Knot.

Even a  umber of rugged models feature Hot Knot, which is a highly practical way for data transfer when you don’t want to deal with cables and have no access to Wi-Fi. For all the Chinese smartphones with Hot Knot, click the image below:

download hot knot app chinese smartphones

Follow the link for more How To Guides.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.5.2015. | 18:27
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  1. Nkem Jorge May 22, 14:29

    Could it then be that Hot Knot is an upgrade of InfraRed?

  2. Nkem Jorge May 26, 11:47

    Pls somebody should ans me on this fine feature. I really like to use it?

  3. James Mash May 26, 12:52

    hot knot and infra red are different. Hot knot only has a short range like NFC.It is also a lot faster and allows for greater transfer rates that infra red. But like NFC and Bluetooth it will replace the old methods of exchanging data.

  4. Ling Cheung May 29, 08:30

    Could the hot knot be hack.

  5. Nkem Jorge May 29, 12:18

    Ok. Thanks

  6. Aloha July 26, 01:12

    Can I transferencia from hot knot to NFC?

  7. James Mash July 27, 09:10

    Unfortunately HotKnot and NFC are not interchangeable / compatible.

    HotKnot is a technology from MediaTek which allows users to transfer files between two HotKnot phones without the use of a dedicated NFC Chip. As there is no NFC chip these two technologies aren’t not compatible.
    But you do raise a very good question so I will try to do a blog post on this with more details on how each work and the differences etc.

  8. Stephen August 2, 16:32

    That was very helpful, and I had no problem understanding the explanation not like some other site’s. I will be getting a new phone soon so this is one option I will have to be sure to acquire.

  9. ??? August 7, 09:06

    Does it mean that the two devices should be equipped this app so that I can interchange the information?

  10. James Mash August 7, 15:01

    Yes, Both would need to have the HotKnot function and have it enabled.

  11. andy December 15, 17:04

    can a mobile phone, e.g innjoo one, which is powered by MTK, get an upgrade and feature the hotknot technology?

  12. DIVERS UTILES January 2, 00:30

    Is it possible to use tag RFID with hotknot? Or Other spécial tag?

  13. ernest March 5, 18:03

    Is there olso an app that can receive items from another phone with out otholity of the owner

  14. Arinze March 14, 03:50

    Does tecno phones have hotknot

  15. Judy L Bracey Moore April 19, 00:20

    My daughter set up my Brother MFC7840w so that I could print from my tablet. At first there was no problem but now when I go to print anything I keep getting the message that hot knot beam has stopped. What do I have to do to get my items printed?

  16. Judy L Bracey Moore April 22, 23:24

    What and how does hot knot have to do with my brother printer. I had no problem making copies before h9t knot popped up. I did not subscribe to it. I would send my stuff to my printer and it would copy without any trouble.Since hot knot showed up , I can’t copy anything because I keep getting the message that ”hot knot has stopped’. Please tell me what I need to do to get my printer printing again.

  17. Patricia hellums August 6, 04:55

    How so I get hot knot? What does it do,? will it make my internet faster,? I have a 9 inch android tablet.

  18. James Mash August 8, 08:59

    HotKnot is a data transfer method similar in function to NFC but it uses different technology, it wont have any effect on your Wi-Fi speeds. You can check you product spec to see if its supported or go to the settings menu and see if its available to enable on your device.

  19. Christian verlaque November 7, 11:17

    Will using Hot Knot between two phones allows all my data and pictures to be downloaded in such a way that both phones will have the same contents? For example will all pictures from phone 1.will go to phone 2? Is the transfer done automatically or do You have to select files?

  20. Ntik February 6, 00:54

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  21. francomaryorgnco March 21, 16:33

    can these really performed faster in term of sharing data and photos

  22. Caleb Hawn February 18, 12:56

    Would this be compatible with Android Pay and other payment services, or are those only compatible with NFC?

  23. James Mash February 24, 09:54

    No, you can’t use Android pay with HotKnot.

  24. Caleb Hawn February 24, 10:00

    Okay, thank you. Just wondering. Have a great week, and be blessed!

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