Latest Chinavasion Electronics: UGOOS UT3S Dual Boot Mini PC, Blackview Alife S1 Smartphone & more

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UGOOS UT3S Dual Boot Mini PC

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Today some unique and fascinating products have been launched, one is the UGOOS UT3S Dual Boot Mini PC. Learn more in detail by reading below!

UGOOS UT3S Dual Boot Mini PC: It uses the same RK3288 processor because it’s still one of the best CPUs around and at 1.8GHz with 2GB of RAM and has a dedicated Mali-T764 GPU so you won’t lack for power. The main drawback that some mini PCs face is with heat control and this is where the UT3S differs as it features a heat sink fan inside that ensure the no matter how hard you push this mini PC it won’t overheat so there’s no limit to your entertainment. You get great connectivity with this TV BOX as it has excellent Wi-Fi, thanks to an external antenna and dual band support, there’s also Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, IR sensor and controller as well as 4 USB ports, SPDIF and audio out. All this make hooking up games controls, USB drives and other peripherals simple. This version of the UT3S comes with 16GB of onboard memory and a micro SD slot for extra storage options. With HDMI support and a dedicated Mali CPU you can enjoy 4Kx4K output that brings you the next generation of multimedia entertainment.

Blackview Alife S1 Smartphone: It comes with all that’s appreciated in a smartphone. You have the big 5 inch screen, backed up by OGS technology simply waiting to welcome all your media files and help you interact with them in great quality and at a fast speed. With 4G-LTE connectivity, you will get fast Internet access on the go and will be able to answer your emails and messages efficiently as well as steam video direct to that beautiful screen without the need to look for the nearest Wi-Fi. With a front-facing camera and a fast connection, you could easily start a video chat via Google Hangouts or other app, share pics and videos or even get involved in some multi-player gaming. With two functional SIM cards, you will easily draw a line between work and play with two different accounts and phone numbers. You will have lots of options for a quick data transfer with the support of OTG (USB-On-The-Go) and HotKnot technologies. With Smart Wake and Gesture Sensing, your interaction with the phone will be smooth and effortless, letting you get to your favourite apps with one simple swipe on the locked screen.

UGOOS UT3S Android Mini PC: With 4Kx4K video support available just plug this mini Android PC into your TV via the HDMI port and enjoy on demand sports, HD TV and 4K movies. Using 2.4GHz and 5GHz WI-Fi bandwidths as well as having a gigabit Ethernet connection offers a solid network performance so downloading and steaming movies or on demand sports shouldn’t pose any problems. This will make it easy to transfer files from other devices such as your phone or tablet and there is also Bluetooth 4 support as well. One of the Key features on this new Ugoos TV box is the built in fan.  This addresses those issues so even if you’re running the system at full power with demanding tasks there’s no fear of it overheating and even though the fan only comes on when the system gets hot it still remains fairly quiet. The UT3S from Ugoos is an attractive TV box that’s able to function well as a mini PC and will handle anything you through at it. Gaming, watching movies and streaming content and much more, with so many possibilities your only problem will be finding an excuse to leave the living room.

Nexodus Pro Android Smartphone: Take a larger view on everything in your life with this phones expansive 6.5 inch full HD 1080p capacitive IPS screen that is sure to impress and offers up stunning cinematic views of all your content. Coming in the Phablet class it can compete easily with smaller size tablets but offers the benefits of a phone as well for a win, win combo that’s hard to beat. With dual SIM card slots you can communicate on the go or download media for viewing on that big screen.  With 16GB of internal memory and a micro SD card slot that supports cards up to 32GB you will never have to worry about file storage again on your phone as this beast comes with ample room for all your needs no matter how advanced. To handel all your graphic needs is a dedicated GPU and like its predecessor the Nexodus Pro really shines when it comes to playing 3D games or watching HD movies. This phone can certainly hold its own against the rest of the pack and stands out as one of the large screen offereing that combines both looks and power. You even get two great cameras that can work at 13MP, for the full photographic experience.

160W LED Grow Light “Horti-Grower”: Emitting light between the 450 and 660nm wavelengths means that the Horti-Grower light covers the blue to red spectrum of visible light that has been well proven to help plants thrive. If you’re growing plants indoors or in a climate they are unsuited for then being able to regulate the light they get is crucial for healthy cultivation. One sure cure for that is to use a grow light the Horti-Grower to boost the amount of blue, green and red wavelength light they receive. With the Horti-Grower LED grow light you can emit the best light spectrums to achieve all growth outcomes, such as changing flowering times or stem elongation. Many older style grow lamps use expensive high pressure sodium lights or fluorescent tubes that not only cost a lot to buy but are very energy inefficient and would send your electric bill skyrocketing. With LED lights like the Horti-Grower lamps you will use much less power and with LEDs having a typical life expectancy of 50,000 hours they will certainly last a long time bringing you years off efficient plant growing at very little expense.

225 LED Growing Light “Bloom Grower”: With 225 LEDs made up of 165 red and 60 blue LEDs the “Bloom Grower” emits light in the 620-630nm and 460-470nm wavelength ranges. This helps young growth in plants and seedlings as well as promoting better photosynthesis and healthy growth. If you’re growing plants in colder climates, indoors or without much sunlight then help is at hand with the “Bloom Grower” LED grow light. This high powered LED grow light draws just 14 watts of power which is enough for the 225 LED array to nurture your plants with red and blue illumination. Lightweight and easy to install this grow light comes with its own suspension kit for quick installation and has many advantages over traditional forms or horticultural lighting such as a lighter weight, less power consumption, greater life span and more compact size. You don’t need to be a professional as these are suitable for all horticulturalists and the “Bloom Grower” grow light is great for aiding the cultivation of herbs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts, mushrooms, flowers as well as grasses and ornamental plants and trees.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.5.2015. | 12:31
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