How To Protect Your Gadgets During Rainy Season

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.5.2015. | 22:38


“If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain”, then you urgently need a way to protect your gadgets in time for monsoon season. While the lyrics of the popular song by Jimmy Buffet may appeal to many of us, this rain-friendly lifestyle can be detrimental to your electronics.

As summer is sure to bring with it not only sunrays and increased airticket prices, but also changeable weather and frequent spells of rain, we thought it would be a good idea to remind ourselves and others of the best practices to keep our gadgets safe from rain.


There is hardly a day in our lives when we can do without our mobile phones, rain or shine, we have to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues and social media. So when the sky turns dark and the streets turn wet, there simply must be a way to keep our phones with us and safe.

Here are a few things you can do.

Specialized casing 

Even if you have a case to protect your phone’s screen from water drops and scratches, the device still comes with lots of ports through which the water can get in and damage the inside of your phone. That’s why it may be worth investing in a special waterproof case that will come with the necessary seals to keep your phone well-protected.


Waterproof case for iPhone and Android phones


Bluetooth Headset

Another option is getting a Bluetooth headset. With it, your phone can be safely tucked away in your bag, while you can listen to music and answer calls without subjecting it to water drops.


Foldable Bluetooth headphones “Rhapsody”

Rugged Models

If you live in a changeable and monsoon-friendly climate, are a fan of extreme sports or simply don’t want your phone’s vulnerability to affect your everyday life, having an alternative rugged device may be the best solution. Lots of these phones will come protected not only from water, but will also be shockproof and dust-tight, letting you go about the day worry-free. You can read a quick review of rugged smarthones with an IP68 rating here.


As we mostly use our tablet PCs for gaming, sending emails, reading or surfing the web, adding a Bluetooth accessory may not change the situation much – you still need to have the tablet out in order to use it. This is why your only option here may be a waterproof case. Having one will also get you more freedom in using the tablet, even with no rain involved: taking it to the pool, reading in the bathtub or surfing the web on the beach will all become possible.


Waterproof case for a 7 inch tablet


Laptops are devices least used to outer environments and the ones that are bound to suffer the most from it. Should your laptop suffer from serious water damage, the bill for fixing it could go sky-high – not to mention the potential loss of information you have stored on it. Finding a safe dry place for your laptop and keeping protected on the go is thus very important.

One way to do that is by getting a waterproof bag or laptop – that will keep your things dry even when submerged in water.

There also ways to protect specific parts of the laptop, like a keypad cover, that will help keep the most vulnerable (and expensive) element of your machine intact – the motherboard.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.5.2015. | 22:38
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  1. JoAnne A. ?? (@JoAnneAlvaran) May 23, 13:28

    I just recently bought a waterproof case for my tablet. Don’t know if it really works.Kinda scared to use it because the water might get inside the case.

  2. Nkem Jorge May 24, 12:28

    These points annd tips are really, really helpful. It will enable me protect my gadgets. Thanks so much

  3. Nkem Jorge May 24, 12:44

    This truly a helpful tip. It will keep my gadgets safe. Thanks.

  4. Nkem Jorge May 30, 15:41

    This is a very useful advice and tip

  5. Nkem Jorge May 30, 15:45

    Where can I get these packs?

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