How You Could Use An Android Mini PC

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.5.2015. | 22:37

Mini computers are a relatively new addition to the PC market – yet the one that is said to have a promising and potentially industry-changing future.

What are Android mini computers and what are they good for?

To put it simply (and why would we want to do it any other way), an Android mini PC, or Android stick, is a mini computer that uses Android as its operating system. Any Android user knows what that means: a full access to Android applications and games at the Play Store, chats, social media and more. The “mini” element is actually quite a big advantage, letting you carry a whole computer in your pocket.

What can you use an Android stick for?

Give your gaming a big screen

One of the reasons we love Android is a great selection of games in the Play Store – and it’s not only about Angry Birds. Some games come with such intriguing plot lines and impressive graphics, that playing them on a mobile or even tablet screen seems simply offensive (especially when you have that HD TV screen idling away at home). Just plug in the PC stick in your TV and you will finally be able to play your favorite games they way you have always dreamed of.


Android Mini PC, 16GB Memory

Get the big picture of your mobile media

Android is home to lots of great media (besides the aforementioned games). Lots of the media is also yearning for a bigger screen: YouTube videos, photos, apps, social media and others. With a mini Android PC, you will be able to explore all mobile media on the big screen. Add to that scenario a wireless keyboard and mouse set – and you have yourself a working and powerful entertainment center – the one that does not occupy space, involve a tangling of new cables or significant financial sacrifices.


Dual Boot Mini PC – Android 4.4 + Ubuntu 14.10, 4 USB Ports

A family PC for all to share

True, most of us are quite content with our laptops, privacy and working on the go. However, there is something nostalgic and, of course, practical about having “one big computer” at home for all the family to share. With a PC stick you will have that with the user-friendly Android OS to keep you company. Once again, the financial benefits if this solution are clear: you just need a functional screen (like a TV), a keyboard plus mouse and the mini-PC itself. Simplicity, savings on space and money make the Android stick an efficient solution to your computer needs.

Video conferences

While it’s perfectly reasonable and acceptable to make video calls or hold meetings over the phone, tablet or laptop, doing this on a big screen comes with a whole set of benefits that you might be willing to explore. If you often work from home or have family living in different parts of the world, seeing others on “the big screen” may do wonders for your productivity and your long-distance relationship with friends and family. You will have all the apps at your disposal: Skype, Google Hangout, OoVoo and whatever else your heart desires.

 A work station and file server

An Android mini-PC can be a reliable and secure work station as well as a file server. Sure, there are other ways to do that, but none that would be as convenient and compact. You will be able to use the big screen at home to work in comfort and whenever you need to travel or change your working location, you can easily take the small computer with all the needed files and applications wherever you need to go. If your staying in a hotel then simply plug it into the TV in your room and hay presto, you now have a computer to work from.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.5.2015. | 22:37
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    Does the mini computer play high graphics games.

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