Cool Shades! What’s New On The Hi-Tech Sunglasses Market?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.5.2015. | 15:17

Designers, engineers and inventors seem to be intent on proving to us that pretty much anything can be gadgetized. Fashion accessories seem to have benefited most from this ingenuity in the recent years, of which wearables are a good example.

Sunglasses, a necessity by day and the ultimate way to look cool by night, are no exception. With their primary function – protecting our eyes from the sun – clearly not being enough for some, there is now a wild array of hi-tech sunglasses for an adventurous consumer to try out.

In this post, we are eager to explore the craziest and bravest concepts and designs that could add a futuristic note to your summer.

Sunglasses + Bluetooth and MP3

Probably the most typical and already commonplace additions to the summer accessory are Bluetooth connectivity and an MP3 player (it seems that these two can make absolutely anything better). As we hopefully associate summer with effortless fun, ocean breeze and tan lines, these additions only seem natural. Lying on the beach in your cool shades while listening to the latest P.Diddy tracks may be a cliché – but that does not make the activity any less fun or relaxing. Bluetooth sunglasses + MP3 player also come with internal storage space enough for your music, audiobooks and other summer-appropriate content.


Bluetooth Sunglasses + MP3 +4GB Storage


Bluetooth Sports Sunglasses


Polarized Bluetooth Sunglasses + Noise Reduction

Sunglasses + Spyware

Despite all the controversy attached to the issue, summer seems like the perfect time to try yourself out as an international man/woman of mystery. Spy sunglasses come with hidden cameras and even audio recording devices and let you capture every moment of your vacation in full, should you be courageous (or foolish) enough to do so. If working undercover and writing an expository piece on swimming pool maintenance have made their way onto your bucket list – it’s all within arm’s (eyes’) reach with a new pair of sunglasses.

Spy Sunglasses

Spy Sunglasses from 007 Spygear


Sunglasses + Audio And LED

A dream at the club and a nightmare the morning after, sunglasses, like DropShades, feature a built-in microphone and sensor that trigger LED lights on the glasses in rhythm with the beats around. Basically, your sunglasses will be a highly modernized version of a disco ball and have a good chance of making Kanye West jealous. The idea is certainly fun and if you frequent night-time entertainment establishments often – investing in the accessory seems like a fun way to light up the night.

Black DropShades


Sunglasses + Acid Glow

One more potential wallet buster for that elusive group who prefer to wear sunglasses at night is this model by Atmos and Oakely. When a Californian sunglasses brand a Japanese street wear company joined forces, it was expected that something extraordinary would be born. The glasses combine quality, style and freakiness in just the right proportions and you have sunglasses that enhance contrast, reduce glare and (here comes the freaky part) feature a lower part of the frame that lights up in the dark with an acid glow. If you want to be noticed when the sun sets – that’s definitely one way to do it.


Atmos + Oakely Jawbone Collection


Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.5.2015. | 15:17
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