Free And Simple Chrome Extensions You Should Install Right Now

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.5.2015. | 18:54

The popularity of Google Chrome is explained by a number of factors. It’s Google-based, it’s simple, it’s efficient and it comes with a great selection of plugins. This last part is what we are focusing on in this post – a pick of the best free Chrome plugins that can make your browser experience even better.

Your choice of plugins surely depends on your needs and preferences, but there are a few of them out there which we believe to be a handy addition for most Chrome users.

Avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes with Grammarly


Grammarly is a multi-extension, available for Office, Chrome and a number of other programs. What it does is simple and necessary – the plugin monitors your writing and offers corrections or modifications, when it believes you have made a mistake. Why is it useful? When installed, Grammarly becomes your spell checker by default and takes over the task for all your online activities: like writing emails, posting comments on social media, participating in forums and discussions and more. This comprehensiveness in checking your spelling is what makes Grammarly a highly useful plugin – and you will be able to count on it, no matter where you are online.

Know your time with World Clock

World Clock_1

World Clock is a simple plugin that turns a new tab on your browser into an international clock. You can select the time zones or countries you are interested in and see the current time in all of them with a simple click on the New Tab icon. The clock is a useful plugin, specifically for those who work with different time zones. It provided users with a quick reference guide, so you can easily and quickly schedule your calls and online conferences, send emails and expect replies.

Note it down with Jot


There are lots of productivity plugins available for Chrome, from Any.Do to Wunderlist. We leave the specific choice of a plugin for your to-do list up to you, and would like to recommend a simple note-taking tool. After installing Jot and opening a new tab, you will see a space for making notes. What’s good about it? The biggest benefit is freedom: you can note down a task, a remark, an interesting quote you saw online or a web link to come back to later – all without the need to open up a new programme or leaving the browser.

Stay inspired with Momentum


We are often on the lookout for motivation to stay focused and work harder: that’s why the web is full of inspirational quotes, videos and affirmations that aim to get us through the working day. Momentum reminds you to start the day on a good note by becoming your personal dashboard. A new tab will come with a personalized greeting, a quick weather report and the question “What is your main focus for the day”? You can answer it with a quote, a brief task list, a philosophical statement or even the name of your pet. It may be a minor element in the sea of your everyday tasks, but with all the never-ending hustle and bustle around us, being reminded as to what it is we want to achieve can easily be called a needed luxury.

 Get creative with Giphy


A recent addition to Chrome plugin library, Giphy, can turn any email into a small cause for celebration with its colourful selection of funny, scary, entertaining, memorable and other GIFs. The plugin will add an icon to your Gmail formatting bar and will let you add a GIF into your email after you have found the right one through searching by category, hashtag or simply browsing through the plugin’s collection. There may not be a direct practical benefit that comes with installing Giphy, but couldn’t we all use a bit more fun in the morning email routine?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.5.2015. | 18:54
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