What Is Tempered Glass And What Are Its Benefits?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.5.2015. | 17:16

Tempered Glass

You may have heard about tempered glass before, seen it as an advertised feature in gadget specifications or in the form of screen protectors for mobile devices. But what is tempered glass exactly? What makes it different from standard glass or plastic screen protectors? Most importantly, what will tempered glass offer you as a consumer and it is worth the money?

The main difference between standard glass and tempered glass – is in the way they are made. Tempered glass is created by heating and then quickly cooling the material – and thus comes with a different structure.

So what does this mean for you, the consumer?

One of the main characteristics of tempered glass is that it breaks differently from standard glass. Whereas normally, glass would break into big uneven pieces, tempered glass shatters into small even pieces. This gets rid of the danger of sharp edges and makes it a much safer option should something happen – for this reason, tempered glass is often referred to as “safety glass”.

Where is tempered glass typically used?

Due to its safety advantages and heat resistance (resulting from the manufacturing process), tempered glass is used in ovens, coffee machines, computer screens, windows, shower doors and more. However, we are mostly interested in its application in screen protectors for mobile phones and other devices.

What does tempered glass mean for your phone (and other gadgets)?

Tempered glass protectors are common accessories for mobile devices and in their look are quite similar to plastic covers. However, there are quite a few substantial differences:

  • Thanks to the aforementioned heat resistance, tempered glass will bring down the chances of your phone being damaged by higher temperatures.
  • Tempered glass is not easily scratched or damaged, compared to standard glass and plastic phone covers
  • Tempered glass is five times thicker than plastic screen protectors and thus provides better shock protection
  • Tempered glass protectors tend to be smoother and clearer and thus are closer to the look and feel of your original phone’s screen
  • Because of the above-mentioned advantages, tempered glass protectors will come with a higher price tag

Is it all worth it?

Thanks to its heat, shock and scratch resistance, a tempered glass screen protector is a reliable way to keep your phone’s screen safe. If you have dropped your phone before and have had your screen damaged, you may remember the unpleasantness and a hefty price tag that come attached to the situation. If you are a fan of bigger screen devices, you may consider investing a few extra bucks in some extra protection.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.5.2015. | 17:16
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  1. prashant May 14, 14:51

    is a gorilla glass as strong as a tempered glass?

  2. Shierry Rose Mendoza May 27, 23:20

    Now I know, tempered glass prevent my phone from being damage even it was directly heated by the sun. So happy to know that tempered glass is very important.

  3. SamLin June 8, 10:03

    @Prashant, gorilla glass is definitely more scratch proof than tempered glass. However, there is still a chance that it scratches due to daily use. Therefore it’s better still if you have tempered glass added, because you rather have your cheap tempered glass scratches than the phone screen itself. Besides scratch resistance, don’t forget that that impact absorption is also important. Tempered glass is made to absorb the impact when you let your phone fall on hard surfaces. Gorilla glass isn’t good in impact absorption, which sometimes results in a broken screen. Again, you rather have the tempered glass broken than the screen of your phone itself. I hope it’s clear!

  4. Zequek Estrada July 14, 08:20

    That’s pretty cool that the thermal processing method of tempering actually allows the glass to be safer when it shatters. It’s no wonder that it’s called safety glass. Now if there was only a way to make sure that there wasn’t a mess when it shattered.

  5. Finley Moreira August 24, 22:57

    It’s good to know that tempered glass is safer since it breaks into small pieces that are less dangerous. Would tempered glass be useful in a residential or commercial window setting for that purpose? I’d be curious to know since I’m looking at getting new windows.

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