5 Simple Gadgets To Tech Out Your Living Room

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.5.2015. | 09:35

We have covered various aspects of a smart home in previous posts, like this one on dropshipping smart home gadgets or this one on upgrading your own home for the New Year..

In this post, we’ll mention a few modern, yet simple gadgets that can change the look and feel of your living room without doing too much of the same for your budget. The good thing is, no matter what it is that  you mostly use your living room for, there is most probably the right kind of gadget for that.

 Party Time

If your living room often doubles as an entertainment venue, there is one simple and discreet thing that can make a huge difference – a lightbulb. We live in a great time when small gadgets, like lightbulbs, can multitask. In this case, a smart wireless LED lightbulb can not only give you light, but also serve as a Bluetooth speaker. Just imagine your guests’ amazement when you walk into the room, press a button on your phone and instantly get light and music – all coming from a small white object on the ceiling.


MiPow PlayBulb – Bluetooth 4.0, Wireless Speaker


If you are feel like turning your living room into a dance floor or adding a touch of that club atmosphere, there are aslo lightbulbs that can change colour on your demand.


LED RGB Bulb – Multicolour, Remote Control



Movie Night

You simply can’t go wrong with a movie night. It could be just you with a bowl of popcorn ready to tune into your favourite comedy or you may be hosting Game Of Thrones party for the whole neighbourhood – movie watching can be both: a great way to relax and an exciting party element. Not to mention, that having a home movie theatre will probably win you lots of popularity points.

These days, all of this can be achieved with the right movie projector. You will have lots of options to choose from, as projectors come in different sizes, brightness levels, image resolution and extras.


3800 Lumens HD LED Home Projector


Meditate And Relax

If your living room is a place of relaxation and quiet reflecting on the day – why not set the mood with a few simple additions?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about relaxation? That’s right, breathing. Whenever we’ve had a bad day or are working on a difficult problem, we always hear “just calm down and breathe” – and it’s a smart tip to follow. However, as we mentioned in our post on air purifiers, what you breathe is of no small importance. Having an air purifier in the living room can make a big impact on your breathing and how you feel throughout the day – especially if you often suffer from allergies or seasonal colds.

If you want to go zen all the way and use your living room for meditation, you can add to the ambiance by getting a humidifier or an electronic aroma candle. With both devices, al you need to do is plug them in, pour a bit of water and add a drop of your favourite aroma oil.


Aroma Diffuser – 4 Colours, 8 Modes, 4 Timer Settings


Automate Your Home

If you (and your living room) are all about practicality, a few simple tweaks can bring everything in your living room under your control. Even something as indistinct and commonplace as a plug can be teched out for more capabilities.


Smart Plug – Wireless Remote Control


A smart plug can be controlled remotely with your smartphone – and that opens up lots of possibilities and prevents a great number of disasters. The question od whether you turned off the aircon or not (that seems to pop up when you are half-way at the office) will never again bug you through the working day – a quick look at your phone will not only answer the question, but will also let you change the answer, if needed. Among other benefits of a smart plug are mobile charging protection, Wi-Fi signal enhancement, time and the ability to adjust to different standards during travel.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 10.5.2015. | 09:35
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