5 Best Apps For Locating A Lost Phone For Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.5.2015. | 18:07

Warning: this is not for organized people. So if you know where all your possessions are at all times – skip right ahead.However, we, mere mortals, need all the help we can get to keep all the valuables in the right place and not leave them behind during the busy day, filled with all sorts of distractions.

Another potential danger for an even slightly absent-minded person is theft. Not paying due attention to your mobile gadgets can result in them leaving your side (even if by force) and never returning.

Luckily, we have technology on our side and our gadgets are smart enough to protect themselves against the common mishaps. All that’s asked from us, as owners, is to download the right app.

Where’s My Droid

Where's My Android

Where’s My Droid is, probably, the most widely-known and popular phone-locating app on the list – and not only because of the catchy name. The app lets you locate your phone via Google Maps (if you think it’s made it quite far without you) or turn up the volume on the device when you call it (if you believe someone nearby may be stashing your smartphone in their bag). Your phone will not have to be online for you to track it, as it can be done via SMS. The Pro version of the app comes with a few nice and slightly evil extras – like taking a picture with a front camera of your stolen phone, so that you can look into the eyes of the thief.

Android Lost (Free)


As the name suggests, this is a free and yet efficient app in locating a lost or stolen phone. However, this is not what makes it notable. In addition to your typical phone-locating options, Android Lost gives you the ability to annoy and irritate the person responsible for your grievances – the one that took your device. You will have the option to enable and disable GPS, turn Wi-Fi on and off, activate an alarm that will ring and flash the home screen and even (!) get access to the thief’s latest call list. So feel free to rub your hands together and get ready to call your enemy’s mother with the news.

Find My Phone


If you are not the vengeful type and don’t want or need all the fancy features, go with a simple and functional app – Find My Phone. The app is simple to operate and all you will need to do is text “findme” to your number to locate the phone via GPS. To make your phone ring, text “ringalound”. You can send the messages online or from a friend’s phone.



Cerberus is also a big name in the anti-theft field for Android. It comes loaded with features, all aimed to protect your device from being lost or stolen. Notable features include: location tracking, remote locking and wiping the SD card, recording from the microphone and more. One Cerberus account will let you locate and monitor up to three devices and you will also be able to enhance the feature set with in-app purchases.


AntiDroidTheftIf you are an organized user and losing your phone is not something that could happen to you, go with the app that is anti-theft specific. You will have the standard “locate your phone via GPS” feature, as well as the ones that help you manage a stolen phone situation. You will get the  ability to track changes made to the SIM card (and get a notification if it has been replaced), view the photos taken with your smartphone and more.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.5.2015. | 18:07
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