5 Gardening Apps For Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.5.2015. | 16:50

Don’t be too fast in placing gardening into that “something I will never be interested in” list. Besides the practical benefit of having fresh greens in your backyard, the hobby comes with lots of extra advantages. It’s relaxing, creative and does demand quite a lot of physical effort. So as you are sweating away in the yard, you are actually calming your mind, burning off calories and laying down the groundwork for having fresh herbs and spices in time for the next barbecue.

The good thing is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Take a look at Tech Out Your Garden For The Summer With A Few Cool Gadgets and read further for a list of gardening apps for Android that will help you create a garden to be proud of.

Garden Manager (Plant Alarm)

Garden Manager

Garden manager is a basic tool that will suit both garden enthusiasts and those taking their plants more seriously. It’s also a handy tool for anyone with greenery in the house, as the app comes features alarms reminding you of the right time to water your plants.

On a bigger scale, the applications lets you keep track of the way your garden is developing and even share updates on social media, if you feel like sharing your new hobby with the world.

Garden Squared


When you are ready to step into action and get into the nitty-gritty of garden planning, you will find Garden Squared a useful tool. The app will be by your side when planning the size and content of your garden bed and keeping track of the details, like square footage, seeding, staging and more. Keeping records of all the small things in your gardening project will help you see how it develops overtime as well as learn from your mistakes and successes.

Vegetable Garden


If you are more of a down-to-earth type and don’t the see the point in filling your garden with flowers and decorative plants, you may want to go straight to the gist and build yourself a small fresh produce section. Having a functional vegetable garden can give your home barbecues and cooking parties an extra DIY edge and let you enjoy organic veggies without roaming the supermarket. The app features over 50 types of common garden vegetables, as well as tips to plant them and take care of them. Once again, you can share your accomplishments on social media.




Gardenate is another vegetable growing app, but the one that takes the detail of the process to the next level. With Gardenate, you will be able to add remarks to each individual plant in your garden, noting down the progress and challenges you have along the way. One more nice feature is that you can customize the app’s database with your own information – and the experience you get when taking care of your garden will not go wasted. You will also get access to the harvest prediction section of the app be able to plan your plants’ future.

Beginners Gardening Guide


If all of the above seems too much for you and all you are interested in is trying out the gardening thing, Beginners Gardening Guide can help you sink your fingers into the green, so to speak. You will learn to identify various plants and get links to educational videos and other types of content to get you started or figure out if you should get into the gardening game in the first place.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.5.2015. | 16:50
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