Tech Out Your Garden For The Summer With A Few Cool Gadgets

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.5.2015. | 22:34

Gardening is relaxing, therapeutic and a great way to get a nice natural tan. Even if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, equipping your yard with some nice entertaining gadgets can prove to be a worthy investment and give you a beautiful outdoor venue for all the summer fun.

Let There Be Light!

Modern lighting technology offers numerous options for your garden: from decorative to battery-saving to keep your front yard shining through the night.

As expensive as it may seem, powering up the lighting for your garden does not have to come with a heavy price tag, actually, it can be absolutely free. Solar LED lighting is easy to install and will be pretty much self-reliant: charging through the day from the sun and using the accumulated energy after sunset. Some lights can also act as security elements, equipped with motion and sound detectors and alerting you to the unexpected visitors.

Solar_and_dynamo_powered_PIR_hGzn9xZu.jpg.thumb_400x400 (2)

Solar Powered LED Light + Motion Sensor


Sometimes it’s not so much about visibility, as it is about festivity – and garden lights are an important deco element on a number of holidays, from Christmas to Halloween. An LED light strip would do the job really well in this case at a much lower cost than traditional decorations. Spread it around the yard, on the roof, the trees – anywhere your uninhibited creativity takes you. Make sure to pick the LED strip with a waterproof rating, so that nothing rains on your parade.

Multi_Color_LED_Light_Strip_T9eoJ65t.jpg.thumb_400x400 (1)

Weatherpoof Light Strip


Have Fun!

Summer is coming and spending more time outdoors seems like a natural and healthy choice. If you are not a fan of quiet reading to the sound of humming bees, there are lots of other options for some garden fun.

For instance, you could have an outdoor speaker prepared that will link to your phone or laptop via Bluetooth and play your music or audio books as you are blissfully tanning in the garden. If you go with a rugged Bluetooth speaker, you won’t have to worry about sudden weather changes or spilling fruit punch over your electronics.

Bluetooth_Speaker_with_Music_6aUpc3Mu.jpg.thumb_400x400 (1)

Bluetooth Speaker + Cann Answering Function



Grow Your Greens!

Before you get to relax and receive compliments on your green fingers, there‘s work to be done. Luckily for you, part of that work can be done with the help of cool and handy gadgets that will also give your garden a new and modernized look.

Spraying your plants, trees and flowers with pesticides is not the best way to a clean and friendly garden – especially when there are better ways to get it done. Electronic pest repellents can steer away rodents and bugs with no harm caused, neither to you nor to the animal world. To save on electricity, you may want to go with a solar-powered one, especially if you live in a sunny climate.


Solar-Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repellent


If want to keep a closer eye on what is happening in your garden when you are not there, consider a time lapse garden cam. These small devices can snap pictures of your flowers and plants at regular intervals and give you a wholesome picture of the secret life of your vegetation.

If it is the health of your plants that is on your mind, you can go a step further and get an infrared camera, like Infragram – a DIY camera for measuring your plant’s health.

When you want to go all in, there are also quite a few apps that can help you monitor, develop and design your garden, like A Gardener’s Handbook App For Android, giving you all the advice you will ever need to DIY a perfect garden.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.5.2015. | 22:34
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