Solar Energy Is Big And Here’s Why: Modern Applications Of Solar Energy

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Solar energy has been around for a long time, and while it’s still often referred to as alternative energy source, the number of its applications has increased significantly in recent years.

These days, solar energy can cover almost anything, from charging your phone to powering your entire home and the technology has made several huge steps forward, both on global level and in terms of personal use.

So, while rooftop solar panels are still widely in use, there is much more out there that the sun can help you out with.

Solar Power For Your Home

Solar house No matter how economical we try to be, our homes use lots of energy and thus, offer lots of applications for solar-powered devices.

Solar Water Heaters: We do enjoy those morning showers, and while cold water may be beneficial for our health, there is nothing like a steamy hot shower after a day in the cold. Unfortunately, frequent use of hot water is getting to be an expensive habit. This powers the popularity of solar water heaters, which are significantly helpful in reducing the cost. The heaters come in various types and shapes and can be made to fit most homes. Upon installing a solar-powered water heating device, your water heating bills should drop by 50%-80%, happily expanding your disposable income.

Indoor lighting: Indoor lighting is something we all need and use – which makes it a rather big black hole in our utility bills. With modern solar indoor lighting systems though, all of this can change. Combining power-efficient LEDs with a battery charged system powered by the sun lets you have a bright and well-lit place at a much lower price.

Outdoor lighting: No one likes getting through the front yard in the dark, tripping over twigs and fumbling with keys by the door. A well-lit walkway or backyard is also a nice design element and makes for fun barbecue parties. Having the option of doing all of that for free sounds like too good to be true, but it’s not and hasn’t been for a long time. Using solar panels to charge your outdoor lights during the day lets you light up your yard at basically zero cost.

Solar Power For Charging Small Electronics

Lots of your electronic devices can benefit greatly from solar energy, coming in the form of solar chargers and solar power banks.

Solar chargers can help you collect sunlight and transform it into energy to power your electronic devices.

A solar power bank works in much the same way as a standard power bank, letting you store power and charge devices on the go. The difference is that the power bank itself uses the sun (instead of costly electricity) to charge itself and then transfer the accumulated power into rechargeable batteries, which will hold it till the needed moment.

Rugged solar power banks are a special breed that can charge your electronics in various outdoor conditions, resisting rain, dust and drops.


Rugged Solar Power Bank 5000mAh: waterproof, dustproof, shockproof


Solar Power For Cooking

Solar grill

Yes, solar energy has found its way into cooking, and we don’t mean sundrying tomatoes on your roof. From solar ovens to solar grills, it turns out you can cook delicious meals both indoors and outdoors while spending nothing on electricity or gas.

Solar cookers: Relatively new on the market of cooking equipment, solar grills work indoors and outdoors and do so with no electricity (saving you money) and no coal or gas, (saving the environment). Solar cookers come in various types and shapes, and there are even portable camping versions. With solar cooking machines you can grill, bake, boil, roast and more.

Solar ovens and grills: for more specific types of cooking, you have solar grills (for grilling) and solar ovens (for baking and roasting). True, you may not be able to pull off that soufflé, but basic recipes and grilling hot dogs or burgers outdoors would be cost effective and smoke-free.

Solar Powered Gadgets

With us getting more and more used to the power of the sun, it comes as no surprise that new “sunny” ideas are born regularly – explaining the growing number of a variety of solar powered gadgets and small electronics.

Solar keyboards: We have already got used to the idea of keyboards having no wires, but with solar ones you get rid of the batteries as well. Solar keyboards get power from both outdoor and indoor light, leaving the choice of workplace entirely up to you.

Solar energy converting sunglasses: this makes such perfect sense, that it’s surprising the idea is a new one. They even have the word “sun” in them. With solar sunglasses, you not only get protection from bright rays and a stylish fashion accessory, but also a power collecting device with solar panels instead of regular shades. You can then use the collected energy to power small electronic gadgets via a power jack at the back of the frame.

Solar cellphones: yes, these are out there. Sharp’s Solar Hybrid SH6230C model is equipped with a solar panel that collects the sunshine and converts it into the extra minutes for chatting or playing games.

Solar charging backpack: a dream for the true outdoorsmen, a solar charging backpack gathers energy as you are losing yours on the hike. Sun energy is then stored in the built-in battery and used to power your electronics on the go – a great option since there are no sockets in the great big outdoors.

Solar backpack

Solar backpack


Solar Power For Planes?

As Solar Impulse, the first ever plane able to fly day and night solely on solar power, is making its way across the world, it’s bringing up amazing possibilities. If we are able to make planes fly on solar power, even the sky seems to be no limit for this sizzling technology.

Solar Impulse

Read more on solar power and solar gadgets here or checkout the Chinavasion webpage where there are a range of solar powered technology such as solar powered lights, solar panels, solar power-banks and other cool solar powered gadgets.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.4.2015. | 23:41
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