7 Self Balancing Scooter Videos: One Wheel, Dual Scooters, Electric Skateboards, and More

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.4.2015. | 16:01

There is nothing new about electric bikes and electric cars have been around for some time now but due to high prices, lower performance and unimpressive range they’ve not really started to catch on to fast.

There is however, a new and growing range of electric rideables available these days that unlike the e-bikes and cars are rapidly growing in popularity and affordability. What is a readable you may ask? Well, a rideable is a as its name suggests something that you ride on. It can have any number of wheels and electric motors and is powerful enough to use for commuting but small and compact enough to take on public transport such as the subway or a bus and can even sit under your desk in the office or school.

A rideable isn’t supposed to replace buses or the subway but can work in harmony with them allowing for those short journeys between different modes of transport or as a solution to go those last few kilometers from the subway station and bus stop to your door or office. At Chinavasion we have a large and growing range of electric rideables that are all suited to slightly different needs and tastes. Check out these videos below to learn a little more about each one.

The Fastest Rideable on Earth: This Gorilla Wheel Is Dope!



Dual Wheel Scooter with Graffiti Design!

This scooter is gonna make you stand out of the crowd.



Electric Mountain Board ‘E-Mountain Board’

This ‘E-Mountain Board’ has a 800W motor and 36V 36000mAh battery which can propel the board to speeds of 32KPH and carry 135KG maximum loads.



Electric Unicycle ‘Uni-Wheel XR-6’ With Speakers!

This is the ‘Uni-Wheel XR-6’, a one wheeled, all ABS plastic shell of modern transportation. With a built-in 60V 132Wh Samsung lithium battery, you can cruise down the streets and reach speeds of up to 18km/h. The powerull Gyroscopic not only moves you around but also keeps you upright.



Folding Electric Scooter ‘E-Scootz’

The ‘E-Scootz’ scooter is the and awesome  addition toe lineup of electric vehicles and certainly sets the bar high for competitors as it flaunts a powerful 350 Watt motor that has sufficient torque to power this beastly scooter up inclines of 20% gradients and can even reach speeds of 37km/h so you had better hold on tight for a fun ride.



Dual Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

The built in gyroscopes ensure that this self balancing scooter remains upright with minimal effort making it easy to master in minutes. With a 10kmph maximum speed you can cruise along at a fast jogging pace and thanks to the large 4400mAh Samsung battery you get a travel range of around 20 to 25km per charge, depending on speed and gradient of course.



Electric Unicycle ‘Uni-Wheel’

The Uni-wheel is powered by a 350W electric motor which runs of a 35000mAh Samsung lithium battery and can reach speeds of up to 20 kmph. With an operating time of about 1 hour you can easily get where you need to go without having to worry about getting stuck in traffic. Once there you can recharge the wheel in around 90 minutes.

If after watching these videos you feel inspired to find out more then visit the cool outdoor gadgets section of our Chinavasion webpage to see the full list of available rideables and learn more about this cool transport revolution.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.4.2015. | 16:01
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    Among all the manufacturers producing smart child scooters, I highly recommend Galactic Wheels, a professional company which truly likes you the ecological atmosphere.

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    Hi dude,
    Thanks for sharing this great post. It will be better if you could also add the list of best-rated self-balancing scooters and their reviews as well?
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    It’s a great article when sharing about electric scooters, it’s balanced on the go, I’m learning to buy such a car.

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