Latest Chinavasion Electronics: Underwater Fishing Camera, Dual Wheel Electric Scooter “Galactic Wheels 400” & more

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.4.2015. | 14:16

Underwater Fishing Camera

Latest Chinavasion Electronics

Some fascinating new products have been added to our catalogue today, one of them is underwater Fishing Camera. Scroll down for detailed information about these new additions!

Underwater Fishing Camera: Just lower this 360 degree view camera beneath the water and you can see just how many fish there are. This makes selecting a location to fish in any river, lake or sea a much easier task and lets you target the fish you want and even select the correct bait before casting a line. With a high quality SONY CCD and 12 bright white LEDs you can peer into the depths. A 20 meter high quality cable send all the data to a 7 inch monitor and to keep the camera safe its encapsulated in a strong plastic case. If your monitoring marine life then you can choose to record video or snap pictures, which can all be stored on a micro SD card by using the available slot. With a protective easy to carry case this kit is highly transportable and ideal for any oceanographer, marine biologist or fisherman.

Dual Wheel Electric Scooter “Galactic Wheels 400”: If you don’t have a bus or car that can take you door to door from home to work or school then the “Galactic Wheels 400” is the option for you. Designed to fill the void in that last part of your journey it can turn a daily commuter in to a pleasurable fun experience. With speeds up to 10kmph and a range of 25 to 30km this Dual Wheel electric rideable is the next step in personal transportation option. There are two sensors under each foot plate that detect the difference in pressure from your feet when leaning forward or backwards. Each wheel is driven independently by a 200 Watt electric motor so you can even pivot and turn on the spot. The powerful 8000mAh battery can keep the Dual wheel scooter going for up to 3 hours and weighing a little over 10 kilograms it can even accompany you on the bus or metro so it makes a perfect environmentally friendly solution for that last part of your commute or for just some pure recreational enjoyment.

AEE AP9 Quadcopter: Being able to fly at 20 meters per second makes the AEE AP9 an exceptionally speedy copter and the 500 meter flight range lets you explore a large area from the skies. Being one of the fastest drones in its class, with climb speeds of 6 meters per second and the ability to descend at 4 meters per second you can whirl it around like a fighter jet. While in flight the AP9 has high intensity LED lights that will help keep this quad copter visible, however should you lose track of the drone it can be recalled using the auto return to home and land function. A camera mount on the underside lets you attach a mini camcorder or action cam so you can use this drone for aerial photography and filmmaking. A 5300mAh battery pack provides this drone with about 25 minutes of flying time and can recharge in just a couple of hours. The controller comes gives you precision of the height speed and direction of this drone and is powered by 4 AA batteries.

SISWOO C50 Smartphone: This chipset also has 4G FDD-LTE support built right into it and with dual micro SIM slots supporting 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3G: WCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz and 4G: FDD-LTE: B3/B7/B20 frequencies you can enjoy the latest in cellular download speeds and connectivity though two phone numbers for unparallel connectivity. Brining all the entertainment possibilities to life is a 720p 5 inch OGS screen that will wow you with its color balance and clarity. With Android 5.0 you get the latest experience from Google’s flagship operating system. Front and rear cameras are designed to impress with 5 and 8 megapixel resolutions so snapping holiday pics and selifes will give you great memory’s for years to come. With Dual Band Wi-Fi at 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz you can enjoy easy data transfer and even achieve speeds as fast as 1300Mbps. There is Smart wake and even an IR function so you can control nearly all your home electronics from this one device, such as air con, TV, music players and more.

LED Grow Light “Red Dawn II”: The “Red Dawn II” LED grow light will emit light in the red and blue wavelengths at 620-630nm and 460 to 470nm, these wavelengths correspond to chlorophyll’s absorption peaks and will greatly enhance the photosynthesis of your plants. This LED plant light uses just 14 Watts of power and generates very little heat so unlike regular light bulbs, HID lamps or fluorescent tubes which means you can enjoy large savings on your power bill. With a 50,000 hours life span this LED grow panel comes with 4 strong wires and hook for easy, secure installation making it ideal for your greenhouse or living room. With this grow lamp you don’t need to have green fingers so it’s easy to start your own warm house or plant farm today and earn big buck from fantastic flowers, vegetables and plants.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.4.2015. | 14:16
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  1. Shirley Lernerly May 9, 21:38

    Bought my husband an underwater camera for his rig about a year ago, he thinks its the best thing ever invented. Now he doesn’t have wait hours on in (though I’m sure he does just to avoid coming home fast) for something to catch. He says the convenience is just to die for.

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