Sci-Fi Movie Gadgets That We Are Excited To Try For Real

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.4.2015. | 00:35

Sci-fi movies are (debatably) one of the best sources of fun out there. Part of the fun, surely, being imagining that at some point, some of the futuristic events could come true and all the fancy gadgetry would actually become reality.

Among all the great imaginary creations out there, there are some that hold a special place in our hearts, and some that could actually come in quite handy in the reality of every day.

Knight Rider’s KITT


True, smart cars have been featured in a number of movies, some fun (James Bond), and some scary (Christine), no car takes it to quite the same level as KITT. A car that can get you pretty much anything you need: from location data and life advice to getting you out of life-threatening situation does sound like a dream and the TV show Knight Rider predicted the future of motoring. If you was a fan you may be excited at the idea that the concept is not too far from reality. With a number of companies, including Google, announcing testing for self-driving cars with all the extras – KITT may well be a dream in the making.

Hoverboard – Back To The Future II


If you were ever a kid, you have probably spent at least several nights dreaming about the best toy ever – a skateboard that could fly, instead of the commonplace wheeled contraptions. Shortly after the Hoverboard was mentioned in a movie, an urban legend popped up claiming that the object actually existed and was unavailable because of personal security issues it posed. The mystical Hoverboard never made it to mass market at that time, but there may be hope. Hendo Hoverboards is a Kickstarter project promising to bring the childhood dream of all Back To The Future Fans into reality. We wrote a little about it last year when we found out that the hoverboard is real. Now with more than $510, 000 pledged to help the project take off, we might be hovering pretty soon.

Iron Man’s Suit Of Armor

Iron Man

True, this may not be something you would wear to the office every day, unfortunately. But just think of the possibilities. Having the ultimate hero suit in your wardrobe may open a multitude of possibilities that lots of us would like to explore, not to mention its overall coolness. Once again, the scientists of our time are not that far behind. Prototypes, like Raytheons XOS 2, are a promising start in the field of power suits. While functions like flying may still be out of our reach, the idea of a super-powerful exoskeleton has been long in the making and only last year we saw the power of a 3D printed Exosuite.

Lightsaber – Star Wars


The shining sword that has ruled the dreams and play scenarios of kids (and some adults) ever since the words “a long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away…” rolled down our TV screens is a true masterpiece of imagination. Or is it? According to researchers at Harvard and MIT, there actually is a way to bond protons into a new molecule that could, theoretically, be used to create an object similar to Lightsaber. What an exciting time we live in!

Star Trek Replicator


Another sci-fi classic, a Star Trek Replicator is probably the one gadget we have come most close to recreating. The worldly version may not be as spectacular as objects appearing out of thin air, but you have to admit that 3D printing is a way to “replicate” things like no other. With the ability to duplicate jewelry, food and even body parts – who knows? Last year saw the first 3D printer burger and even a 3D printed car and many people believe that 3D printing will reshape the world,  we may well be getting close to creating something even Star Trekers would be impressed with.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.4.2015. | 00:35
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