Buyable Out of Stock System (BOSS): Launched

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.4.2015. | 17:48

Good news! The Chinavasion IT team continuously work on projects to innovate and improve Chinavasion’s website functionality. This time we have launched the Buyable Out of Stock System (aka: BOSS).

What Is BOSS?

Previously Chinavasion products where taken offline when products went out of stock. While the benefit of this is that we can maintain our promise ‘All products online are in stock,’ this had some inconveniences for end customers as well as drop shippers who want to find the same page and order again. From now on, out of stock products will stay online. The difference compared to in stock product pages is that we will now clearly display the out of stock status below the add to cart button.

The reason for us to launch BOSS is that we believe in transparency. It’s our duty to provide the information such as the stock status as well as when we expect products to be back based on our suppliers communicated lead times.

Here are two main benefits:

  1. Grab popular products before they are back in stock: some products are simply hot and the supply is not always able to keep up with demand. For this reason, we would like to keep such products online, so you can pre-order them to secure one piece from the next batch.
  2. Offer clear information to your customers: are you a drop shipper? Then also you don’t have to delist the product from your eBay or Amazon store anymore. Simply provide clear information, and let your customer make the decision for themselves.

Questions? Ask them below in the comment section!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.4.2015. | 17:48
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  1. charles April 18, 17:48

    I am very pleased that chinavasion put se system. I recommend very strongly the company chinavasion for unique quality. I fact fact of the dropshipping .. in france and I sell the products of chinavasion on the internet.

  2. Andres April 24, 18:15

    But do you will maintain the Product Status Log still available and updated or not? If not, how can I know that a product “is no longer available and is not coming back” in order to get it out of my catalog?

  3. SamLin April 27, 16:41

    @Andres and Ali, we are soon updating our product data feed that includes the stock information. See here:

  4. Andres April 29, 00:10

    Whit BOSS, an inconsistency in data occurs: the products listed on the Chinavasion website as ‘Sold Out – Back Soon!’ do not appear by the moment in the data feed files at all. I think now there is no way to know from data feed files if a product has been eliminated definitely or if it ‘will be back soon’. Only if data feed is modified the problem will be solved. Products temporarily out of stock should be included indicating clearly their status. And only those that have been definitely discontinued should not appear in data feed. That should be a great help!

  5. Andres April 29, 02:53


  6. SamLin April 29, 16:21

    Hi Andres, the stock status and date back are now included in the Datafeed. Can you text it again, and let me know your feedback?

  7. Reinaldo June 26, 10:01

    I’m very dissapointing with this website Chinavision.I have ordered some equipments and now I got a bad surprise that the product is not available on the stock

    I do not t order anything again on this website

  8. James Mash June 29, 13:16

    Dear Reinaldos, We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you. We do try to keep all our items in stock but its not always possible for us to do so. If an item is out of sock its normally clearly stated on the product page and if we have a date the item will be back in stock we will try to include this as well.

    We appreciate all of our customers and would like a chance to make this up to you. If you contact our customer service ( team we will try to our best expedite any order you have or find an alternative solution for you and hope we can win you back as a customer.

    Kind Regards

  9. jorge aguayo salas July 8, 19:33

    Chinavasion should update your site. I order a mobile it was obra stock. But surprice I got an e-mail telling me that i hace todo wait.
    What can i do ? Right?

  10. Chris September 10, 11:53

    The previous system Chinavasion had deployed works better than the present system. Sorry, but what happen to the stock status system in use a couple years ago. The stock status told us Drop-shippers how long a certain product will be available, and when it will not be available or discontinued. With 3000+ products tracking stock status is a on-going nightmare.

  11. SamLin September 10, 14:45

    Hi Chris, currently we have a date back displayed on the product page. Do you mean you would like to add the date back in the datafeed?

  12. Christopher Horner September 10, 15:00

    The Stock Status RSS Feed. This is the previous system that worked and was removed about 2 years ago.

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