What Is Qi Wireless Charging And How To Use It

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Qi Charging

You have probably heard that a great number of modern smartphones come with Qi wireless charging support. However, not too many users have explored this option in full or have taken the time to make a better acquaintance with the idea. It’s high time we set some time apart and got to know Qi a bit better – after all, it does promise to make our life much easier.

So what exactly is Qi technology and how can it help in charging your smartphone more conveniently?

What is Qi charging?

Qi charging is an international charging standard that allows you to charge a compatible device’s battery through induction transfer. There are no cables or wires involved and you will do is place the device (say, your smartphone) on top of a wireless charging pad.

The pad itself looks something like this:


Qi Inductive Wireless Charging Pad


Where is Qi charging available?

There seems to be a lot f plans for the technology, as it is surely a big step to simplifying the charging process. Starbucks announced the interest in equipping its coffee shops with charging mats, letting its customers charge up their devices while sipping a latte. We are sure to see other customer-oriented spots welcoming the new charging solution as well: airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants, you name it. There is also no reason why you can not get a personal Qi charging pad for the house, like this Qi Inductive Wireless Charging Pad.


Is Qi charging powerful?

Qi charging devices come with various specifications and you can find the ones delivering from 5W of power (low-power devices) and upwards of 120W (medium power devices).

Even though most Qi charges boas ultra-slim design, they do allow some “traveling distance” between the charging pad and your phone. That means that the two devices do not have to be in direct contact and, should you ever want to, you can lift your smartphone within 2-4 cm range.

When it comes to the speed of the charging process itself, you may be facing a bit of disappointment. Wireless charging is typically slower than the traditional forms of powering up devices. You may not notice this with smartphones, but when it comes to charging larger devices, like tablets, the time difference might be significant.

Is My Device Compatible?

Qi charging stations are compatible with any phone supporting Qi technology, so you will not have to look for specific branded devices. Having a universal charging dock like this in your house can actually prove to be quite economical, especially if you have a multi-branded selection of devices.

Most Qi charging devices come in the form of mats and pads. However, this is not your only option. The same technology comes in quite an array of creative formats, like Qi charging phone cases or even alarm clocks.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.4.2015. | 00:39
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  1. Michael April 14, 04:44

    Fantastic technology for easy charging in a vehicle when integrated into a cupholder or cubby. Just drop your phone in and drive and the device is charged when you reach your destination.

  2. mohantyanshuman21 April 20, 12:13

    Which phones are compatible with this technology ? When do we expect it to get launched in India ?

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