Attn Resellers, Chinavasion Cheap China Cell Phone Deals Just Got Better

Author xlxmarketing 3.2.2010. | 21:24

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If you’ve sourced electronics from us for a while you’ll know how popular our China cell phone models are with are resellers.

They have high a retail mark-up, are so small in size that their shipping cost is minimal and they come with a 12 month warranty so there’s better customer satisfaction levels than many of our China competitors provide.

And because our sourcing teams out on the lookout for new phones you are always getting the hottest phones with the newest, coolest features.

And with this being 2010, the start of a new decade, we wanted to do something special for our resellers. But what could we do?

The answer…. slash our cell phone prices.

So, from midnight tonight you’ll see a dramatic drop in several of our most popular China cell phone models. As much as 15% in some cases.

This means more profit for you without effort whatsoever on your part. Now that’s some good news for the Chinese New Year!

So which phones have had their prices slashed? read on to learn more!


Cloud 9 Quadband 3 Inch Touchscreen Dual SIM Cellphone + WiFi [CVNM-M86]






There aren’t too many phones that can compare with the Cloud 9.

Not only does the Cloud 9 come with WiFi access and the kind of functionality you’d expect from a China cell phone it looks fantastic and has a working 3 inch touchscreen and a Qwerty keyboard making this a phone that is almost a must for resellers.

So with a 15% cut to the sourcing price listing this phone on eBay or one of the eBay alternatives is almost a no brainer.


Voyager – Quad Band Touchscreen Dual-SIM WiFi Media Cellphone [CVDQ-M50]






You know the Voyager WiFi phone it was our first WiFi phone that took the world by storm and proved to be such a hit with eBay resellers and online traders.

That’s not really a surprise given its good looks, its amazing functionality, and now, its low price.

Really, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be stocking up on this great phone.


Amigo – WiFi Quad Band Dual-SIM Cellphone with QWERTY Keyboard [CVEM-M79]






The Amigo – WiFi phone, the SMS fiends new best friend, just got better.

The Amigo has one of the most texter-friendly of a phone we have seen out there, and comes with all the great features you’d expect from our phones.

It’s light on the pocket weighing in at 7.3 grams without the battery and now even lighter on the pocket.


Element – Wifi Touchscreen Worldphone with QWERTY Keyboard [CVEM-M78]






Which phone fits in your hand just like the Odyssey, has a Qwerty keyboard like the Amigo and all the design stylings of the Cloud 9? The element WiFi phone, that’s what!

In fact the element is one of the better kept reseller secrets here at Chinavasion with resellers saying that customers have never been happier with a phone.

So a price drop like this one makes this item that much more attractive.


Odyssey – WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen [CVDQ-M56]






If you’re a reseller, and you sell phones, there’s a good chance you know about our fastest best-selling phone, the Odyssey – WiFi phone.

It comes with two ear phone jacks, two cameras, two blogs (How To Buy Cellphones – Part 2 and Hacking Your Odyssey: Increasing Speaker And Microphone Volume) and a lot of functionality. Now it comes at you at a better price.

This isn’t the end to price cuts. For even more discounts be sure to check out our Specials twitter feed. Just click on the picture below.

Chinavasion special twitter feed copy
Check out our fantastic range of China cell phone models and let us know what your favorite phone is in the poll below.


Author xlxmarketing 3.2.2010. | 21:24
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