MeeGoPad T02 Windows 8.1 Mini PC Stick Available Now!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.4.2015. | 16:03

Update 21 May 2015: Quality issue update

Stock arrived yesterday. However, our quality team has identified a few quality issues. We unfortunately have rejected the batch and we are working with MeegoPad to have the problem solved. As it looks now, we expect a high quality batch to arrive on the 1st of June, which will be ready to dispatch on the 2nd of June! Visit this page to pre-order: MeeGoPad T02

Update 8 May 2015: Available now for pre-order!

We just got confirmation that the MeeG0Pad T02 should be here on May the 20th. You can go to the MeeGoPad T02 on Chinavasion and Pre-order now.

meegopad T02 tv stick

meegopad T02 windows stick

meegopad T02 compute stick

In this post we will update you on all the confirmed details regarding the MeegoPad T02.

We usually don’t get involved in rumors, so this post isn’t a rumor either. We just got confirmation that the MeeGoPad (or MeeGo Pad) T02 is coming soon, which is a follow up of our current hot selling MeeGoPad T01. The follow up device is going to come with improvements in almost all fronts including better CPU, RAM and possibly also the storage space. The latter isn’t confirmed yet.

The laptop maker is again making sure it’s ahead of it’s competition: Intel’s Compute Stick. Like with the MeegoPad T01, it was cheaper and launched faster. The future will tell if MeeGoPad is able to stay ahead. Follow our blog or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Update 26 April 2015: Full Windows Version
Meegopad has confirmed to us that the T02 will come with a full version of Windows, instead of a trial version that was installed on the T01.

Update 27 April 2015: Design Confirmed!
Check this link to see how the T02 will look like:–YTeHt/

Update 27 April 2015: First Pics
The first MeeGoPad T02 pics are here. Check the below front pics as well as both shots from both sites so you can clearly see which ports this device comes with.

Update 7 May 2015: A Few Specs
The first confirmed specs of the MeeGoPad T02:

CPU: Intel Atom Bay Trail


OS: Windows 8.1 Bing

Hopefully we will have the full specs soon.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.4.2015. | 16:03
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  1. Owen Burnett May 8, 15:14

    I would be really interested in the stick if it can also run a 64 bit windows version?
    Can it?
    and does the firmware contains a CSM ?


  2. James Mash May 8, 17:45

    Well the Intel website shows this chipset as having a 64 Bit instruction set so it should be able to run a 64 bit version of Windows. However as far as I’m aware it doesn’t come with a 64 bit version of Windows and hasn’t been tested with one so I wouldn’t know how well it would work.

  3. Andrew Doran September 15, 23:08

    I have recently received a T02 through eBay. The supplier is insistent that it does not come with the full Windows 8.1 license. All the reviews I have read on line state that the T02 has a full license. Can you please advise me if I have been ripped off or not. Thanks.

  4. James Mash September 16, 09:22

    Hi Andrew
    MeeGoPad supplied two version of the Windows MeeGoPad T02 when it first came out. One with Windows Bing and licenses and one with no licenses. There is normally a 10 to 20 dollar price difference between the two. It all depends on which one the company you purchased from had. They should have made it very clear on their page as we always try to do this to keep our customers better informed.

    I would double check the page you purchased from and contact the supplier or eBay because if your were misinformed on the website then you can always opt to return it.

    Another option would be to check and see if you could upgrade to Windows 10 for free as Microsoft was giving this software away free. Later versions of the MeeGoPad T02 come with Windows 10 so it can run this windows version, however having not installed it or done the upgrade myself I’m not sure how easy it would be.
    I’m sure you could find a youtube video or other guide as others must have done this, please be aware that this may well invalidate any warranty so check with the supplier first.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

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