How To Get Texts On Your Tablet

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.4.2015. | 18:28

Texts on the tablet

Most of the time, our phones alone are perfectly suited for texting – and there is no pressing need to involve other devices. So why enable the texting option on a tablet?

There are several aspects to consider.

  • If you do a lot of texting – you may appreciate the convenience of typing on a bigger device. It will help you complete your messages faster and most definitely result in fewer typos and irritation.
  • You may be sending lots of media messages. In this case, there is a clear advantage to viewing your photos or even video clips on a tablet, compared to a smaller smartphone screen.
  • If you know that you will be going to a place with no mobile connection, but Wi-Fi connectivity – you can leave you smartphone at home and use your tablet for texting. The Wi-Fi network will be used to sync with your smartphone, but the messages will still be carried over your mobile network.

If the above reasons are enough to get you interested – here’s a simple, and what’s even better, free way to get you text messages on your tablet.

We start off by heading over to Google Play Store on your smartphone to get a handy little tool (that you might be already familiar with) – MightyText app. The app will ask you for a few permissions – tap “OK” and let’s get started.

The app should automatically pick up on your Google account and if you have more than one, MightyText will confirm which one you would like to use. Tap “Complete Setup”.

Now, it’s time to get the app for your tablet. Once again, go to Google Play Store and this time select MightyText tablet app. To find it on the Play Store, look for “SMS Text Messaging – Tablet SMS”. Install and allow permissions.

Mighty Text App

On your tablet, select the same Google account and your setup is complete.

MightyText will then ask you to use the Google App Engine – tap “OK”.

Once your tablet has MightyText running, you will see a box with an email box format – but instead of emails you will be seeing texts being synced from your smartphone. You will see a list of current conversations on the left and a text entry field at the bottom.



As for MightyText on your smartphone, you will probably never get a chance to actually use it – so just let it do its job in the background and do not accidentally delete it during a clean-up.

Once you get a message on your smartphone, you will see a notification on the MightyText app on your tablet and will be able to read and answer the text message within the app as well. With MughtyText, you can work with both text and multimedia messages.

The notification system works great when you are only using your tablet. However, when you have your smartphone and tablet right next to each other, the double message notifications can get annoying. If this get to be the case with you, on your tablet go to MightyText Settings and disable “SMS, MMS and Phone Call Notifications”.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.4.2015. | 18:28
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  1. Ari April 8, 01:06

    Google Voice offers a free phone number that you can text and call from. Tablets included.

  2. Hans Van Der Toorn April 8, 04:54

    I never knew how to do this but now i know very good and usefull howto 🙂


  3. Vern Rolton April 8, 06:46

    MySms is another good option

  4. Lieze Neven April 12, 01:14

    Oh this is interesting! I just bought a tablet haha

  5. Jo-Anne Alvaran April 20, 17:29

    Will this work even if the recepient doesn’t have the MightyText App installed on their device?

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