How To Choose A Perfect Drone

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Drones seem to be the talk of the year. We’ve been talking about flying them, crashing them, setting up rules about flying them and then crashing them again. YouTube is bursting with drone-filmed clips and air tricks that most of us are dying to recreate. For that to happen, though, we must first choose a perfect drone.

As with many other selection processes, you will first have to determine what you will be using the drone for. So we broke it down for your convenience and gave you a few examples of the quadcopters you may like.

Family Drone

If you are planning this drone to be a gift to the whole family, with your children having unrestricted access to it – safety should definitely make it onto your list of priorities. Look for a quadcopter that is reliable, inexpensive and able to withstand lots of bumps and falls. You will also want a machine with blade guards – so that your cat does not use up all the 9 lives in one day and your furniture and walls remain intact.

Take a look at this model right here. RC Quadcopter Lady Bird is quite a suitable choice for a family drone.


First, its smaller size (150x110x30mm) works to your advantage, making the quadcopter perfect for flying indoors and easy for your children to handle. It is also easier to control – a great way to prevent crashes and damage and save you lots of cleaning up.

The quadcopter can be remotely controlled at the range of 50 metres and despite its smaller size and simplicity, can perform a number of tricks, like flips, rolls and pirouettes. All in all, it is a perfect entry level model and a quadcopter that can be enjoyed by all the members of your family.

If you are looking for something for younger children, consider an even smaller model, like Mini RC Quadcopter


Aspiring pilots

If you are looking for a drone for your own pretty self, but have never owned one before – it will still be about safety and control. You may also not want to overspend on this first model as well, in case your maiden flight does not go as well as planned. From that perspective, the previous model – Lady Bird – would also be a viable option.

If you are looking for something more sophisticated – you can pick up a device along the lines of Sky Line. This quadcopter comes with a 50 metre remote control range – so that it will stay close enough to you for these stressful first flights. The drone is stunt-friendly, so you will be able to practice various acrobatics in the air – and do it both indoors and outdoors. The machine also has quite a stylish design to it – so you would feel proud sporting it at the local park.


Another option may be a model like RC quadcopter “Condor”. This one is slightly bigger and you will notice a different design as well. However, it is still controlled within 50 metres – letting you keep your flying machine in sight at all times. “Condor” is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and thanks to the 4 blades can move in various directions – so you will have all the flight flexibility you need. A different design that we have mentioned earlier will also be a plus for a beginner, as the body of the device has been built to protect it from damage.



If you are considering taking up droning as a serious hobby or have already established quite a rep in the field – you will need to move up the device ladder. You will probably want to gradually increase the range and complexity of the stunts you perform.

Start off with a model like the “Defender”.


The model increases your range up to 100 metres -meaning you can now let your drone go further and higher, while still having it in perfect control. The model will also give you access to more complicated stunts, like a 360 degree barrel roll – which is a really impressive trick to master.

If you want to do more than just fly and perform stunts in the air – there is always the exciting opportunity of making drone movies. The best thing about drone photography and videography is that you get lots of control and the ability to shoot from any angle, while getting close to the object of interest. This results in stunning photos and breathtaking videos. You will need a reliable, long-range model for this with a camera mount. A model like Cheerson X2 comes with 300 meter remote distance and auto-return function, letting your device explore new territories while making sure that you will always get it back. The quadcopter features a camera mount – so you will be able to take bird-view videos and pics. For more on flying this gorgeous model, watch a demo video here.






If you decided on a camera drone and want to ensure you get the most from it then you should check out this article on HalfChrome Drones, it is garuntted to help you get better photo results with any camera drone.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.4.2015. | 13:52
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