5 Most Expensive Apps For Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.4.2015. | 01:57

You may think that an LV bag and a pre-ordered Apple Watch may be the best ways to demonstrate your financial superiority. But think again. If you don’t feel like investing any extra effort into showing off your wealth – all you have to do is download one of these most expensive apps for Android.

Some of the apps in the list may well justify their prices by providing unique and complex services, while others seem to have been created for the sole purpose of…well, absolutely nithing. So if you are looking for a fast and easy way to get rid of that extra cash – here we go.

Dr. Web Life License – $75

Dr Web

This probably is the only app on the list, which is actually a good deal. It’s pretty standard to spend a hefty sum on a good antivirus subscription and the prices may run as high as $50 a month or more. Not too many apps offer life-long subscriptions as well, so at $75 for the rest of your life – this one may just work out pretty well. Dr. Web offers reliable protection against malware roaming on the web, and if you do face frequent problems – this may be your life-long solution. Don’t worry about the app losing its touch too – it’s being upgraded regularly.

I Am Rich! (White Diamond) – $130

If you are looking for the easiest way to show your friends who’s boss – you’ve found it. At $130, the app will let you download a white diamond onto your home screen with an expressive “I Am Rich!” tag. There is nothing the app does or promises to do and the white diamond icon will be the only thing reminding you of what used to be cash in your pocket.

Anesthesia Central – $149.95


Anesthesia Central is a seemingly simple app which offers professional medical information for anesthesiologists. It may be a good option for medical students or anyone fascinated by medicine for that matter. However, the thought that an actual anesthesiologist might be using this application before a surgery is not too comforting.

Emergency Central – $159.95


For some reason, medical apps seem to be quite popular on the list – and unlike some other items here – they do provide valuable advice. The app combines lots of tools, that are available as independent apps in their own right, like the Emergency Medicine Manual, Davis’s Drug Guide, Diagnosaurus DDx, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, and MEDLINE Journals. It may not offer a quick remedy for chopping off you finger, but if you are considering a career in the medical industry – Emergency Central will offer some nice portable reading material.

Super Colour Runner – $200


The app is a retro runner game with extremely simple graphics, which may be fun, but using the word “super” does seem a bit too much. True, there are lots of users out there who appreciate this kind of thing and would list the app under the “oldie but goodie” category. However, with a price tag of $200, you may want to think twice just how much you love antiques.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 3.4.2015. | 01:57
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  1. Rob April 4, 17:36

    As the old saying goes “a fool and their money are soon parted”

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