January’s Hottest 5+ Gadgets For Resellers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.2.2010. | 19:11

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By Francisco Pupo

The first month of 2010 is over and it has already started with a whizz and a bang.

We know that with so many new products it can be difficult to keep up with our latest releases. So, for your sourcing pleasure, we have put together a list of the six most popular new reseller items of January 2010.

Skynet One – IP Security Camera (WIFI, DVR, Night Vision) [CVLM-I34]


This is our most advanced indoor/outdoor security camera to date.

With the ability to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world, it’s no surprise that the Skynet One IP camera has become such a hit with our security focused resellers.

However, it is not just IP connectivity that makes this camera so special. The Skynet One has additional features that really make this product stand out from the rest.

Features include:

  • 0 Lux rating and infrared technology for recording in total darkness
  • Durable weatherproof all metal casing
  • A high quality 1/4 inch image sensor to capture all the action in crystal clear video

You get all this and much more at a factory direct wholesale price, so its no wonder that the Skynet One has become the top choice in home and office surveillance.

Order a sample today, then order 10 more when you discover what an excellent value you are getting for one of the most amazing IP security cameras on the market today, the Skynet One.


  • What is it: Skynet One IP camera CVLM-I34
  • How much does it cost: US$114.98

Metro Cell Phone Twin Pack (Black and Pink Phone 2-Pack) [CVFD-M65-PAIR]


Valentines day is coming up and the Metro Cell Phone Twin Pack is proving to be a popular choice for couples this year.

You’ll already know all about the success of the Metro Black and it’s ‘sister’ the Metro Pink. Not only does this phone turns heads with its innovative “Swivel Screen” design but it gives you a full qwerty keyboard, ebook reader, intuitive MP3 and MP4 player and a mirror for all those fashion emergencies.

So it makes sense to put these two phones together in a Valentines Day pack. It’s a pack of powerful geeky love, one that is sure to act as a reminder of the person’s feelings long after the roses have wilted and the chocolates are eaten.


  • What is it: Metro Cell Phone Twin Pack (Black and Pink Phone 2-Pack) CVFD-M65-PAIR
  • How much does it cost: US$192.68

Wireless Inspection Camera with 3.5 Inch Color Monitor + DVR [CVMV-DV34]


The DV34 wireless inspection camera lets you see a clear image of problems in hard to reach locations.

This is an extremely useful tool for electricians, mechanics, plumbers and contractors, so we already knew this product would sell well before we even released it. So well in fact that we already had to order a second shipment so our supply can keep up with the demand!

Whether you’re working with wires inside a wall, analyzing the delicate pipes of an old home, or searching for serial numbers on parts of an engine that you don’t want to remove, this versatile, snake like inspection camera will help you save time and assess projects without causing unnecessary damage or creating costly delays.

Order this Wireless Inspection Camera today and you are sure to make some great profits for your online or retail business in no time at all.


  • What is it: Wireless Inspection Camera with 3.5 Inch Color Monitor + DVR CVMV-DV34
  • How much does it cost: US$161.37

Discovery 1080P SuperHD Video Camera (5x Optical + 10MP CMOS) [CVGT-DV27]


Wow, who would have ever thought you could have a 1080P camcorder for under $300?

We really need to thank our sourcing team for this one. They somehow managed to locate the same camera that is being rebranded as a $500 HD camera, and let us offer it to you for half the price!

It really goes without saying that this camera is an incredible value for all the technology that you are getting. For starters, you get true 1080p resolution, a true 10MP image sensor, optical 5x zoom with 50x digital zoom, and a beautiful 3 inch touch screen display.

All of this and more places the Discovery 1080P SuperHD Video Camera on the top of our resellers list this month. We predict sales will continue to be strong so long as our supply can keep up with the demand!

Order a sample today to discover (pun intended) just how incredible the 1080p video quality really is. After you are blown away by the results you can place your bulk order and receive an even bigger discount to start locking in some serious profits.


  • What is it: Discovery 1080P SuperHD Video Camera (5x Optical + 10MP CMOS) CVGT-DV27
  • How much does it cost: US$233.53

Super Radio (Streaming Internet, DAB+, iPod/iPhone Dock) [CVNA-E63]


This product is called Super Radio for a reason…

This is the first radio to give you streaming internet radio, DAB+, and iPod/iPhone dock, all in one device! It doesn’t get any cooler than this! Which explains why our resellers keep ordering more and more of these amazing devices.

Built with high quality components and coming in an elegant design, you are sure to generate some large profits with this one. At only $114.75 you are getting more functions than similar products costing nearly twice as much!

If your looking for a reliable resale item that sells great then the Super Radio is the perfect item for you. Stock your online or retail store now with this awesome product while supplies last.

  • What is it: Super Radio (Streaming Internet, DAB+, iPod/iPhone Dock) CVNA-E63
  • How much does it cost: US$114.75

Metal Gear Cellphone – Wifi, Touchscreen, Dual SIM, Java Apps [CVFD-M81]


Cellphones are always popular with our resellers and the Metal Gear is no objection.

This is easily one of the best looking cellphones on the market today. Every detail of this phone has been carefully designed in such a way that simply holding the phone in your palm makes you feel good.

Styling aside, this phone delivers enough power to give Ipone users a serious run for there money. So when the Metal Gear
worldphone took off with excellent sales figures, we where not necessarily surprised.

If you are a reseller and have not ordered your sample yet then you are really missing out on one of the hottest items for the new year. Order your sample now to experience first hand what the Metal Gear is all about.


  • What is it: Metal Gear Cellphone – Wifi, Touchscreen, Dual SIM, Java Apps CVFD-M81
  • How much does it cost: US$109.01

Well there you have it, a short list of which products have already proven successful for January 2010. Based on current sales trends we predict these items will continue in popularity well into the third quarter of 2010.

I hope this article helps new and existing customers reach an educated buying decision. Thank you for the continued business and we look forward to providing you with even more profitable items in 2010! Tell us what you think of these products in the poll below and keep an eye on our new products page

Author Chinavasion Marketing 1.2.2010. | 19:11
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  1. Yvonne @ Gopher Promo August 25, 02:52

    I don’t want to be technical, but surely the wireless inspection camera with 3,5″ screen is just that, a wire attached to a handle on the one end and a camera on the other? Having said that I have to marvel at the tool, and with engine bays becoming increasingly compact, and many other applications apart from automotive use being possible I see this one being a great hit, especially amongst the boys! Tradesman and artisans will have good use for this device. I know hubby will definitely want one!

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