How To Stop Unwanted Calls From Telemarketers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.4.2015. | 09:49

There is perhaps nothing so annoying than being getting cold calls from telemarketers. Receiving annoying, interrupting calls at the most inopportune times and from people you don’t know who try to sell you goods you don’t want. You could always block the caller on your Android phone, however rather than doing this for each incoming call there is another option, read on to find out.


In this day and age the vast majority of mobile numbers are passed “sold” on to marketing companies for a small fee. This can be very profitable for cellular providers but is to most of us these calls are unwanted and may even cost us money. There are also plenty of scams out there, many of which use the same phone number lists as the telemarketers’ to target their would-be victims.

In these scams people mask their phone numbers to make it look like the receiver is getting local or free call, however when you check your bill you have been charged a fortune for a long distance call originating from Africa or God Knows Where.

One simple and easy way to remove your number from these lists is to register your numbers with the Do Not Call register, also known as the Telephone Preference Service, in the UK.
This service is totally FREE and costs you nothing. It is your way to opt out or receiving unwanted calls. It usually takes a little bit of time for your number to be removed from the lists and to stop receiving the calls, additionally you may have to re-register every 5 years or so, but it can be well worth it if you keep getting those annoying calls.

Many countries have an Opt Out Register and you can easily do a web search to find the one for your country or region. Yuo can usually register online or by calling a dedicated a number. You will probably have to do this from the phone number you wish to be added to the opt out list. There is generally an automated menu and it only takes a few minutes of your time.


Here are a few links to the most commonly used ones.





Please leave a comment letting us know your experiences of using these opt out lists and of links to any other ones for your country or region.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.4.2015. | 09:49
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  1. Latif Shaikh April 3, 18:21

    its offensive

  2. johnhutchens1 April 5, 23:35

    The do not call registry does help some but how do some telemarketers still get by with calling?

  3. Linda Poplees April 5, 23:35

    I have been on the do not call list but have been getting too many calls from “The Pharmacy”. We keep telling them not to call again but we get another one each day from a different phone number.

  4. Valentina Leonova April 6, 00:10

    Thanks for a good article and tips. This is very important. Indeed there are very annoying calls and SMS. These calls are not in the most opportune moment. Now I know how to get out of this situation and be sure to tell friends and acquaintances.

  5. cottagebunny April 6, 00:26

    I love that you give us this valuable information to stop unwanted calls.I can’t think of anything more annoying than getting calls from telemarketers unless its a mostquito in our tent at 4a.m. in the morning when we’re camping.Thank you so much. 🙂

  6. debbie April 6, 00:44

    I used to market research on the phone and going door to door and it isnt an easy job especially if people assumed you are a telemarketer. I get calls irregularly from telemarketers and I am polite but cut them short and I have used the opt out system in New Zealand and no longer get any calls from the telemarketers so the system works for me so far

  7. Cheryl Larimer April 6, 05:19

    Putting your name on the Do Not Call registry is a good first step. Some states have a Do Not Call list also, however they only work if the telemarketers use those lists. We set up a silent ring tone on our phones and add telemarketer numbers as we get them so future calls won’t bother us.

  8. Sue King April 6, 08:18

    Thank you so much !! I’ve wondered how to get them to quit calling me. I’ve found that if I call some of them back I get a message saying if you want to be removed from our calling list press #1 or a different number. But for the ones I can’t do this with I’m definitely going to use the opt out register !!

  9. Steven McCuan April 6, 12:09

    I hang up on them, if they are going to be rude I can too!

  10. David Heath April 6, 17:59

    good stuff!

  11. Sergei Zorin April 6, 19:50

    Previously mainly relied on antivirus, and now have the ability to connect add-ons like adblock

  12. eugene April 6, 23:01

    Which countries have an Opt Out Register?Ukraine?

  13. eugene April 6, 23:10

    Which countries have an Opt Out Register? Ukraine?

  14. Rick April 6, 23:48

    Good advice. I hate being disturbed by these rude people.

  15. Don W/R Ball April 7, 10:46

    Yet, it is their job to be forthright. But nowadays anyone who is bothered by the worst of them has one great option: when I even had an old landline and the amount of calls before laws were passed in Canada, when you answer the call and they ask is this whoever first thing to say is ‘what is this about?’. They then go into their spiel to which you interrupt at some point and say hold on I’ll go get he/she, place the phone down, walking away and ignore and in less than 3 minutes they’re gone. Giving them your own version of elevator music. Keep this up on all these types of calls because it’s their job to ‘fish’ and the folk at the other end of the transmission once they realize you were wasting their time are frustrated. Let them hang up. Chances are you are likely in a higher percentage gone from the recall list.

  16. Lori Bahn April 7, 23:22

    This is great info and I now know how to get out of this situation and be sure to tell friends and family.

  17. Liberty Fontanilla April 11, 15:46

    haha just this morning I got a call from a telemarketer. Nice tips.

  18. malc April 18, 20:19

    The trouble is that one will not be sure about how exactly telemarketer has obtained his/her phone number…

  19. Miroslav Ugren May 7, 18:24

    Excellent info, but sadly my country doesn’t have such a service. Oh well, it’s back to the good old “block number” 🙂

  20. Don W/R Ball May 8, 12:09

    Or, you can just hang up and not feel guilty.

    The issue of having a phone number abused by anyone is mere pittance as we get into a new age of Electronics and Telecommunications. What I grew up with in Science Fiction has become science fact. I remember the ‘Party Line’ for the entire neighborhood in the 1950s (and no, not the type of ‘Party Line’ associated with that term in today’s society).

    Telemarketers are like gnats with trying to make a living for themselves, but it’s the wasps to be leery about… 😉

  21. Sandy Weinstein May 9, 02:34

    i tried the do not call list, it is not very good. i tell people not to call again and take me off their call list, but they never do, i keep a record of the calls and numbers and am thinking abt suing them. my phone has talking caller id so i know who is calling b4 i pick up the phone. i was also getting those scam robo calls from my own number as well. the do not call list only works for some numbers, does not work for people calling for money. i also hate it when they call you with something and then tell you they have to transfer you to someone else, so i just hang up.

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