How To Hide Your Number On Android Smartphones

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.3.2015. | 21:37

There are a multitude of reasons why you may want to hide your number for outgoing calls on Android. All that matters is that you can do it. There are actually several ways of going about the issue:

  • you can disable Caller ID in your phone’s Settings
  • you can download an app that will provide you with a fake ID

Let’s go over the first option.

How To Hide Your Number From Caller Settings

In order to disable Caller ID on your Android smartphone – there are just a few steps to go through.

First, open the Dialer app on your phone and head over to Settings (three dots in the top right corner).

Go to Setting and then Additional Settings on your device. In Additional Settings, you will see Caller ID and Call Waiting functions.

By default, your Caller ID says that it will use operator settings to display your number in outgoing calls.

Once you click on Caller ID, you will have three options presented: Network Default, Hide Number, Show Number.

Choose Hide Number and your phone number will be hidden for outgoing calls.

However, based on your network operator’s settings, this option may not be available. In this case, you will see Caller ID tab grayed out. If this is the case, you can consult your network operator. Alternatively, you can try the second method of hiding your number.

How To Hide Your Number Through Fake Number Apps

There are a number of apps in the Play Store that can provide you with fake phone numbers if you don’t want to show your own. Here are a few examples on what these applications offer:

Caller ID Faker

Caller ID Faker

In this app’s Play Store introduction, developers actually give a few good ideas about why you may want to use the app. If you took off earlier than 6 on a Friday, you can still call your boss or client with your office phone number showing up.

Making a prank call? It’s probably better that your victims can’t call you back (not that we advocate that you use the apps for eveil deeds). The app offers you all that and adds a few free minutes when you first sign up as a bonus.

Fake Caller ID

Fake Caller ID

The app works according to the same principles, giving you a chance to make calls under a different number. However, there is a more specific scheme at play: you get 3 free calls a day with any fake number you want. In addition – and if you want to become a detective – you can also change your voice and even record the call.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.3.2015. | 21:37
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  1. SaraAB87 March 31, 00:36

    This is very useful information if you don’t want someone to know your phone number, thank you.

  2. Sergei Zorin April 6, 19:54

    Had not even thought about it. I read the article and was puzzled. Probably have to put this app on the phone

  3. Hans Van Der Toorn April 8, 04:50

    Very nice howto i never knew howto do this

  4. Lori Bahn April 10, 08:16

    I didn’t even know about this and happy to know you can hide your number

  5. Jenn April 22, 19:58

    I used *67 once and it hid my number.

  6. Becca March 26, 09:21

    In the additional settings on caller ID for Android, what is “default operator setting” exactly? What does the person receiving a call from me see for a number?

  7. Ankit Soni January 23, 16:56

    My option “use default operator setting to display my number in outgoing” is blurry how can i change it.

  8. Jacob August 25, 22:31

    How to change thz option as default operater

  9. Yan October 9, 02:08

    default setting to display my number in outgoing call doesn’t allow to change

  10. steve May 23, 06:36

    How come vendors still see my name, number even when I hide it?

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