5 Alternative Currency Converting Apps

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.3.2015. | 00:55

It may seem like there is nothing to really choose from when it comes to currency exchange apps. How different could it be? Just stick with XE Currency and you’ll be fine. That may as well be so. XE Currency does provide a simple and easy solution to checking exchange trends. However, there are other apps out there – and they may cater to that exact and specific reason why you are checking currency rates in the first place – or simply offer you a nicer interface, a simpler operation or additional perks.

Currency Banknotes

Currency Banknotes

Currency Banknotes is for those of us who are looking for a more colourful interface or just a chance to look at something different than math. Currency Banknotes works the same way as most currency exchange apps with a nice little twist. Instead of simply looking at numbers, you will see visual representations of the banknotes, reminding you of what the actual cash looks like. You may think this feature is quite redundant – but it will allow you to learn what some pretty exotic money looks like, as well as save your from counterfeit troubles.

Note: The app is available to IOS users.

Unit Converter

Unit Converter

As the name of the app might suggest, Unit Converter is not only about the currency – but also gives you the chance to handle other unit conversions, like degrees, angles, computer storage units, measurement and density units and others. So if you can not give a quick answer to the question “how many kilometres are there in a mile?” – you will find the app’s additional features quite handy. Of course, you can also use the app as a currency converter. The app is available on both Android and IOS.

Currency Converter Plus

Currency Converter Plus

If you are looking for something ultimately basic – go with Currency Converter Plus. This app is stripped of everything unnecessary – you will not get any overwhelming graphics or any extras. The app even covers only 36 countries – but unless you need regular on exotic currencies – that should actually be more than enough. So there you have it – the simplest possible app for getting your currency conversions for both IOS and Android.

My Currency

My Currency Apps

My Currency is a pretty comprehensive app with more than 160 currencies to convert. What makes the app special is that, in addition to a great collection of paper money, it also deals with new digital currencies, like Bitcoin, Linden Dollar and Facebook Credits. So if you are up for venturing into new monetary horizons – you will want to try this one out.



Yep, it can be that simple. If your currency app is not working for some reason, you can not locate your phone or you simply need a quick currency update – just type in “currency converter” in Google. This may not be the most comprehensive or graphically advanced solution out there – but it will get the job done.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.3.2015. | 00:55
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