7 Great Tools For Working Remotely

Author Natallia Slimani 27.3.2015. | 20:44

Imagine yourself on a remote island in Thailand, sipping fresh papaya juice by the beach and glancing at your laptop screen from time to time for email updates. That’s the life, isn’t it? We may all have pictured remote working being exactly like this at least at one point in our lives – until we actually got to do it.

While you may be working from anywhere in the world and enjoying a fresh juice while you’re at it, remote working environment is quite different from the romanticized idea of daytime relaxation and stress-free life. There are no colleagues to tap on the shoulder for help, bur with the cleaver use of technology and a few apps you can make life a little easier. Here are 7 apps that are we think make working remotely easier.

Managing Time Difference: World Clock And Figure It Out

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Being part of an international team comes with great benefits – but also with substantial time differences that can truly get in the way of productivity. Not being on the same page when it comes to the time of day may lead to lots of delays, misunderstandings and embarrassing moments. So keeping an eye on the clock before you ping someone on Skype is always a good idea. To make it all simpler and remind yourself that you and your boss may be in different time zones, you may want to download World Clock app (for IOS) or get yourself Figure It Out plug-in for Chrome. Both tools will let you get the timing issue out of your head as you will get regular updates on where the sun is on your colleagues’ side.

Miss Your Colleagues? Try Sqwiggle



One of the toughest parts about working remotely is the loneliness. You are deprived of that joyful office banter and have no real way of indulging in outfit reviews or weekend plan discussions. You may be simply missing the physical presence of others around you and the evidence that you are not toiling away at this project all by yourself. If this is the case, get Sqwiggle. This online tool will take a photo from yours and your colleagues’ webcams at set intervals – so you will have a full picture of who’s available and whose recent vacation got them the most tanned. Designed specifically with remote workers in mind, you will find lots of other features and ideas on improving your virtual workspace.

Delegation And Project Work: Trello


If you are managing a team of remote workers, things can get particularly hectic. Your team is not right there in the office where you can see them – but scattered all over the world – so you may be happy to explore any tool that promises to ease the situation. You may already be familiar with Trello, a task managing online tool, that lets your assign responsibilities and project parts to team members in the form of cards. It’s simple in operation and free to use in basic version. A business upgrade will cost you $5 a month.

Reviews And Edits: Skitch And Screencast


After the tasks have been assigned and completed – there may be a need for some reviewing and editing. A simple tool like Skitch by Evernote may come in handy here. Skitch allows you to add side notes, arrows and comments to screen shots – which is a useful feature since there is little visual contact between you and your colleagues. As a popular saying has it, “one look is worth a thousand words”, and you may end up saving yourself lots of time by just showing what needs to be changed instead of going into lengthy explanations.

Screencast is a similar tool, that allows you to share screenshots online, as well as add all sorts of commentary, including audio.

Accountability And Reporting: iDoneThis


Finishing a task is a cause for a small celebration – and an important step towards your common goal. So it makes perfect sense to make a record of every achievement and result that you come up with. In order to not get these small victories lost in the hassle of the day, there is iDoneThis. With this tool, you can log in all your daily accomplishments and have them automatically sent out to the selected team members at the end of the day.

Author Natallia Slimani 27.3.2015. | 20:44
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