Chinavasion Choice: The THL 5000 or the THL 2015, which is the Phone for you.

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Which to buy?

THL has a reputation for producing some great phones at competitive prices that feature some of the latest processors and technologies available today. The 5000 and 2015 models have some stunning specifications and attractive prices too, so it’s hard to chose between them.

We are here to make that job easier for you as we compare these two stunning phones and highlight the main benefits each one brings.





Both these devices has an Octa core CPU so, neither will disappoint as they are equally capable of top end performances and playing games. The MTK6592M Octa Core processor on the THL5000 can reach speeds of 1.4 GHz and with 1GB of RAM it should be enough for most users. However if you’re a gaming enthusiast who has to play the latest games or if you really feel the need for speed then the THL2015 may be more up your alley. It has a MTK6752L housed inside that boasts a speed of 1.7GHz and with 2GB of RAM this 64 bit processor is one of the fastest you will find on a phone.

While both phones have highly capable Octa Core CPUs the THL2015 takes the lead with a 64Bit soc and 2GB of RAM

Cellular Connectivity:

Off the bat we can see that both devices have dual SIM card slots. A micro SIM and a standard size SIM so you can manage a business SIM and personal SIM on each of these devices. Also both phones have good support for 2G with all the main frequencies covered 850/900/1800/1900mhz. This means they should be compatible with all the major providers around the world.

The THL5000 however, has greater 3G WCDMA support as it covers 850/900/1900 and 2100mhz while the THL2015 uses the 900 and 2100mhz on WCDMA. What does this mean? Well, put simply the THL5000 can be used on the 3G network nearly anywhere in the world so this is the better option for a globe trotter.

What the THL2015 lacks in 3G it makes up for with a huge range of 4G support. So if you want to stream movies or would like to enjoy 4G speeds then the THL2015 is clearly the option for you. Remember, whichever phone you desire be sure to check with your cellular provide to ensure it meets the bandwidths they use in your region.



The THL2015 sports a 5 Inch IPS OGS and the THL5000 also has a 5 inch screen that makes use of IPS technology but doesn’t include the OGS.

If you aren’t already familiar with the term OGS stands for One Glass Solution and help manufactures remove one of the layers of glass from the standard capacitive touch screen by replacing it with a thin insulating layer. The main benefit here is that it can reduce glare and reflection of the screen so it makes them more suitable for viewing in brighter light.

IPS is also useful to both screens and allows for wider viewing angles without the image becoming unfocused or washed out.

The key to a good screen is the resolutions and both devices are able to display great quality images as the THL5000 displays at 1280×720 resolutions and the THL2015 model has a resolution of 1920×1080.

At 5 inches a display of 1280×720 is usually plenty for everyone however for those that want to review photos and really care about that extra bit of quality with high def films and the latest games the THL2015 has the edge with the display and it’s probably the gamer of movie buffs choice.



In case you hadn’t guessed the THL5000 has a massive battery. At 5000mAh this mammoth battery provides you with a staggering 29 hours of usage time, of course this varies depending on what you’re doing. Playing games or watching movies will eat up more power than chatting on the phone or listening to music but it’s still a lot and when in standby you get up to 705 hours from a full charge. The downside to this larger battery is a little extra weight and the THL 5000 weighs in at 182 grams, still not that heavy for what you get.

The lighter of the two phones by around 35 grams is the THL 2015, which has a more conservative battery at 2700mAh. Don’t let this fool you, it may only be a little over half the capacity of the battery on the THL5000 but you still get around 8 hours of usage or 72 hours in standby from a full charge. This is in large part because of the higher resolution screen and that powerful Octa Core CPU with 2GB of RAM, which when added together can be very demanding on your battery power.

So which is best? Well clearly if you’re going to be away from the mains for a few days or more the THL5000 is the best option. However if finding power inst going to be an issue and you crave more powerful performance the THL2015 is the choice for you.

No matter what phone you have if you want to extend the battery life you can always make use of a power bank. These make recharging your phone and other electronics very easy and can be a real help when traveling.


The THL5000 is very much the all rounder here. It can do everything that most people need and really excels when you’re going to be traveling or want that extra battery life for a weekend or even a week away. The THL2015 costs more and while you can get as much usage time from each charge it comes with some great top end specs that will really impress when playing games or watching movies. With its 4G connectivity it’s ideal for streaming high def videos and is a real multimedia dream. So there you have it. Two great phones to choose from at wholesale prices, you can check out the full specs on the Chinavasion website where there is also a complete and diverse range with a phones to suite everyone.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.3.2015. | 14:39
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