What is GPS and How to Get the Most from it ?

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What is Global Positioning System?

Global Positioning System, commonly known as GPS, is a highly advanced navigation system, which is based upon a combination of 24 satellites put in to orbit by the Department of Defense of the United States. As it was developed by the Department of Defense of the United States of America, it is obvious that the system was initially introduced for military purposes; the first Satellite named Navstar1 was put in orbit on February 22, 1978. However, somewhere in the 1980s, the U. S Government also allowed civilians to use the said system. The great thing about this system is that its operations are not affected by abrupt changes in weather conditions; it can work anywhere on the planet; it works 24/7; and more importantly, it is a public service offered free of cost by the U. S Government. Before we head on to the uses of the system, let us discuss its structure and mechanism.

Mechanism of the GPS:
21 dedicated GPS satellites and 3 spare satellites are revolving around the earth at a height of about 10,600 miles. The satellites are placed in such a way that four satellites remain over the horizon, from any point on the earth. Each of the satellites has a radio, a computer, and an atomic clock. The satellites continuously transmit their position and time readings. Once a day, each satellite checks its position and time with a ground station, in order to rectify any minor error in the transmitted information.


The GPS system works on the mathematical concept known as 3-D Triangulation, which lets you calculate a geographic position – latitude and longitude. In addition to that, if the receiver contains a screen, it can then display its position on a map displayed on the screen. If you are travelling somewhere, the receiver also calculates the speed and direction of the journey, and the can work out how long until you will reach your desired destination.

Applications of the GPS:

As described earlier, the GPS was initially developed for military purposes by the U. S Defense Department; however, today it is used for several other purposes as well, which are described below:

A & E:

Do not think that I am talking about the ‘A & E’ section of any hospital. Instead, consider an emergency situation such as if you get lost in some place due to some unforeseen circumstances. If you want to know your exact location, you can locate where you are fairly accurately with the help of a GPS receiver and it works almost anywhere earth. You can even transmit the information regarding your location.


Whenever you want to go to a new place (new means that you have never been there before), make sure that you carry a GPS receiver with you. It will not only let you track your position, but can also act as a map, which will easily guide you to your destination.


Gadgets and other valuables:

Considering the utility and popularity of the GPS, mobile phone and other gadget companies have integrated this feature with many of their devices. This let the users navigate with their gadgets and also easily track them if they get lost or stolen. Moreover, lost cars can also be tracked down in cases where a suitable GPS system is installed on them.

Besides this, you can also locate other valuables as well. How? Let me explain it to you.

If you have placed your gold and diamond jewels in a box, then also place a GPS receiver in the box as well, obviously, in some hidden section you can track the box and its contents. Obviously, if you need to keep valuable jewels locked away in a secure box, you will not mind spending a small amount for their added protection.
In this way you can always locate your jewels box. In addition to that, advanced options such as geo-fencing are also available via the control panel of some advanced GPS systems that are readily available to all.

GPS tracking software programs:

Another very smart use of GPS technology is that you can use it to monitor smartphones as well. Various GPS tracking software like TheOneSpy Mobile Tracker are available. These can let you monitor the physical location of the targeted smartphone. Such cell phone tracking apps are compatible with most operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. In addition to that, iPads and other Tablet PCs can also be monitored using such GPS tracking software.


Some people consider it illegal to monitor any smartphone using a GPS tracking software. The reality is that you can only monitor the smartphone which you own; and you cannot monitor a person without his/her written consent. So you need to tell the person you desire to monitor before you actually start monitoring him.

You can make use of this feature in a number of ways. If you think that your employee is doing an inside job, you may provide him a smartphone with a GPS tracking software installed on it, and know the exact location of your employee. In this way, you can determine if any of your employees have close ties with any of your business rivals. But do not forget to include such terms in the employment contract.

In addition to that, GPS tracking software also acts as a parental control app, as parents can monitor the exact location of their child through such a software program. It’s not just children and employees either. You can use this technology to work out where your pet is, useful if your dog likes to take himself for a walk or if your Cat vanishes for a few days at a time.

The GPS technology is undoubtedly one of the best advancements of the modern era, which can be used in a variety of useful ways such as knowing your own position, tracking stolen cars, locating lost mobile phones. In addition to that, GPS technology is used to monitor employees and children as well, in the shape of a GPS tracking software, many of these GPS enabled devices such as smart phones, car trackers and navigation systems are available at Chinavasion for great wholesale prices.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.3.2015. | 16:28
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