Smartwatches Aren’t The Only Wearables. Explore Smart Headbands, Smart Glasses And More…

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We have come to associate wearable devices primarily with smart watches – as this is what most companies have been putting their time and sweat in. We have seen smart watch models popping up all over the electronics landscape and while we are still watching out for new functions, the format itself is no longer a cause for surprise or awe.

However, wearables are by no way limited to smart watches or even wrist-gear and there are plenty of other tech that you can wear for improved efficiency or entertainment.


For one, there are wristbands. True, these do no go to stray too far from smartwatches, but there are still a few significant differences when it comes to their use and intent. Both devices get to the maximum of their potential when paired up with a smartphone – but the functions you get out of them are not quite the same.

Meant originally for sports enthusiasts, smartbands, or smart bracelets, are best equipped for assisting you during workouts. Whether it is getting access to your smartphone music library to energize your jog or monitoring your heartbeat during a bodybuilding exercise – a smartband will let you get the maximum sweat and data out of the workout. They come in various shapes, colours and are equipped with all sorts of extras – like a waterproof rating or sleep tracking. Here are a few examples.

Otium Ballon Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Bracelet with IPx7 Waterproof Rating – available here.


DIGICare ERI Touch Screen Smart Bracelet with a 0.49 inch LED display – available here.


Or Y02 Bluetooth LCD Smart Bracelet with a pedometer and a phone book sync- available here.


Smart Headbands

Wrists are not the only body part fit for gadgeting up. Headbands are yet another fitness accessory that has been taken to a new level. You can now wear a piece of comfortable headgear, protecting your ears from cold and your eyes from pouring sweat – that can be paired up with your smartphone over Bluetooth and lets you listen to music, receive phone calls, re-dial and more. Here’s one for you:

A Bluetooth Sports Headband- available here.



Smart Glasses

Here you have lots of options as well. Want to play a video game with really cool graphics in great quality? You have the virtual video glasses. Feel like watching a movie in 3D on the place?  Portable 3D movie glasses will have you covered. Need sun protection with a few extras as you go for a power walk in the park? Grab a pair of Bluetooth sunglasses. You get the point – there is an abundance of gadgetry for your eyes to enjoy (and we did not even touch upon Google Glass).

(Android 4.4 Virtual Video Glasses) – available here.



(Bluetooth Sports Sunglasses) – available here.




Smart Pendants

Even things as delicate as pendants have not been able to resist the trend. Smart editions promise to be able to pair up with your smartphone as well and help you out with navigation (by sending pulses directly to your body), home appliances management (letting you control the gadgets inside your home with voice commands) and knowing your own body (by measuring heart rate, breathing and even monitoring your body posture).

(The Arc Pendant)

Arc Pendant

(Bluetooth Smart Jewelry Pendant)


Smart Rings

Once you have one jewelry item turning into a gadget, there is no stopping others. Nowadays, certain rings also claim to be smart and functional – and their claims are justified. Smart rings have similar functions to smartwatches and some are even equipped with tiny LED screens, so that you can see your notifications. NFC rings can be programmed to perform various tasks (like unlocking your smartphone or even your door) or hold data (like contact information or a website link).

Smarty Ring

Smarty Ring


NFC Ring


Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.3.2015. | 20:42
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