13 Hot Valentine’s Day Gadget Gifts For Resellers

Author xlxmarketing 25.1.2010. | 20:01

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Yes, that day every man hates and every woman loves, Feb 14th, is just around the corner. So if your significant other happens to love gadgets, then here are some tips on prime gifts that are sure to keep her happy on Valentine’s Day and keep your brownie point stockpile sky high.


Phone 2-packs



You loved the original Metro Twist Cell Phone. You really loved the Odyssey Touchscreen Smartphone.

Now we put them both together in a limited edition 2-packs just for Valentines Day!

These special Odyssey Valentines set and Metro Valentines set come with a man’s Black and woman’s Pink so you both get a new phone, each coming in your own color ***(that way there is no chance your girlfriend will accidentally take your phone to work with her and see some of your text messages…)***

What says love better than buying matching phones? Well, nothing! Make this Valentine’s Day a wining goal with a lovers pair of mobile phones.


His And Hers LED Watches



Say hello to the Zero Kelvin and One Kelvin, matching style full sized and smaller sized blue LED watches.

These timepieces have futuristic cool style while telling time in a new and exciting way that is sure to impress your friends and family. If both of you like gadgets, then you and your girl are going to love these LED watches.


Pink Camcorders



Phones are great for taking quick pictures and videos, but what if you really want to capture video footage from family get-togethers, holiday trips, graduations, and other special events?

A modern digital camcorder is a real necessity for preserving special memories. Powerful but easy to use the Pink Digital HD Camcorder and Paris – Digital Camcorder w/ Face Detection can do high FPS videos, mega quality pictures, and allow her to do filming all day long with a single purse/pocket sized device.

This is one practical gift that a gadget-girl will truly love. If your partner likes keeping track of everything then we recommend you buy this for your lover.


USB Jewel Heart



These days a USB flash drive is as necessary as your house keys. Whether she is taking large work files back and forth from the office or just sharing pictures and music with friends, nothing beats the convenience of a USB storage drive.

Well, why not make sure the one you give her is as beautiful as she is?

This is an elegant all-metal and jeweled heart necklace that has 8 gigabytes of flash memory so your loved one will have enough space to keep her work files as well as digital pictures of you close at heart.

And if those items don’t grab your fancy check out these other beautiful items that could transform you from zero to hero this Valentines day:




Guys, if you get it wrong on Feb 14th, then expect to be spending the next three months on the couch, so order you girl gadgets before it is too late!

Author xlxmarketing 25.1.2010. | 20:01
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