How To Make Your Home Screen Icons Bigger

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.3.2015. | 15:01

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There are numerous ways to personalize your Android phone and make it the device that truly fits your requirements and matches your mobile lifestyle. Some changes are big and can alter the way your smartphone operates completely – like rooting your phone and installing a custom ROM, while others are minor – and yet by no means less useful.

In this post we’ll cover a small trick on customizing your homescreen by making certain or all icons on it bigger.

Why Would I Want To Make My Icons Bigger?

Surely, it’s all a matter of personal choice. You may use certain applications more often than others and, thus – want them to be easy to get to. This way, making some icons bigger may be a way of optimizing your screen for more efficient use. For instance, if you often use your phone for taking pictures, making the Camera icon bigger will let you access the app quickly when you spot a camera-worthy moment.

Feel like you can’t see the icons on your screen well enough? Make them as big as you want, so you will not have to confuse WeChat with Whatsapp or Google Maps with Google Play Store.

It could also be a fun design element – alternating bigger and smaller icons can give your phone’s home screen a different look and make your phone more fun to operate.

How To Make My Android Icons Bigger?

It’s all in the app. Play Store’s application, Giganticon, promises to make any icon bigger in quick and simple way – and does keep its promise.

Head over to the store and get the app – Giganticon.

Install the app and add it to your Widget list.

Fire up the app.

If you open the app from your home screen, it will ask you to go to the list of widgets and go from there. Follow the tip and after selecting Giganticon from your list of widgets, you will be then asked to choose an icon that you want to make bigger. Pick one and you will see it appear on your home screen. Press and hold the new icon and you will see blue borders appearing around it – drag the edges of the border to get the icon to the needed size. There, you’re done!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 22.3.2015. | 15:01
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  1. Petar Danchev March 23, 23:41

    Hi, does someone know about the resources which this apps need? I mean does it takes a lot of RAM memory from the phone when it expands the icons? And can it be moved to external memory (SD card) ?
    I will be happy if someone tried the app and tell more about it’s behaviour .

  2. Denise Anderson March 23, 23:51

    This was a very helpful article for me…I should be wearing bifocals but they irritate me. Withe icons bigger my homescreen is better!

  3. Denise Anderson March 23, 23:57

    Thanks-this makes my homescreen much more convenient.

  4. chuck bolster March 24, 00:04


  5. judethomas21 March 24, 02:58

    Thank you for the info, I didn’t know that it was possible to do this and I have not been able to see the icons on my phone properly as my vision is not that great.I usually have to hunt for my glasses before picking up my phone.Thanks

  6. Pamela Summers March 24, 07:47

    That is great but will it make the type bigger? if not, is there a way to make it bigger? I have a hard time seeing while texting and reading the small print and bigger text would help me a lot

  7. James Mash March 24, 09:44

    On most Android phones you can go to settings, then select display then find the font size. try setting this to large or extra large. this won’t change the text on your icons but will change the default text size.

    Option 2 is this.
    Go to the settings menu and click the accessibility option, then you can select the magnification gestures. enable this mode and you can then use the pinch zoom options or tap and zoom options. use of these is normally described under the option.

    Hope that helps.

  8. Ivan Kiskinov March 24, 16:31


  9. Jackie C. March 25, 03:20

    The how to make your icons bigger is great for my mom since her eyesight isn’t good and this will help her alot

  10. SaraAB87 March 27, 00:16

    This is great information, making the icons bigger is useful for a lot of people, especially those who do not have the best vision (like me!)>

  11. ???? ??????? March 27, 12:56

    Wow, I don’t know it before, but now you help me, thank you!

  12. Sharon Appelman March 29, 14:22

    Appreciate the detailed instructions. My hubbie is having trouble seeing the small icons on his phone now and neither of us is very technical. This makes it very easy to understand.

  13. Steve Reddington (@SteveReddington) March 30, 23:01

    Does this app work on android 5.01?

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