Google Develops Ebola-Proof Tablet

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.3.2015. | 18:57

Ebola-proof tablet

The world has been following the struggle against the deadly virus in Africa for months and we have seen lots of tech companies stepping up with offers of help in the form of donations, tech support, specialized products and more.

At the request of Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors Without Borders – an organization that aims to provide medical help to people in emergencies – Google has developed a very special tablet. Before the gadget made its way into the hands of medical professionals on the site, they mostly had to rely on the traditional notebook and paper scenario for making notes – as more advanced gadgets would not be able to handle the hardships of decontamination, as well as extreme humidity, thick gloves and the overall “roughness” of the environment.

Thanks to Google, they now have a sturdy alternative – a tablet that can withstand chlorine for decontamination. The tablet will also not mind being operated in heavy gloves, storms or humid climates – which makes it a life-changing device with lots of potential in other high-risk emergency situations.

How Has The New Tablet Changed The Way Doctors Operate?

With a highly-contagious virus, like Ebola, everyone working in contaminated zones has to wear a protective suit, goggles and thick gloves – and every object leaving the zone has the potential of spreading the infection. Without heavy decontamination – there is no way for locally used equipment for leaving the scene. The only way for the workers to get the gathered data across to the other side was by dictating it over the fence, while wearing masks. In addition to being a long and exhausting process, this form of data transfer could lead to multiple errors and inconsistencies.

Seeing the problem ay hand, a group of volunteers, who were later joined by Google, came together to create a device that bring at least some convenience to the highly complicated working life of the professionals.

What Is The Tablet Like?

Prince of Wales MSF Ebola Medical Centre in Freetown

So what have the volunteers and Google come up with? The new Ebola-proof device comes with waterproof casing at thar rating that has been defined as “industrial”.

It can stand being submerged in 0.5% chlorine solution, used to kill the Ebola virus. It’s quite an impressive ability on the part of the tablet, as a solution of this kind can cause serious chemical burns when used on unprotected skin.

To avoid bringing in any additional equipment, like chargers and cables, the tablet can be charged wirelessly over the local network – and does so quickly and hassle-free.

On the design side, the edges of the device have been made smoother – with no sharp edges – as to prevent damage to protective casing.

Future Potential

So far, the device has undergone testing in MSF centres in Sierra Lione and has shown great potential for uses in other emergency situations across the globe, thanks to its ability to address common challenges like unstable electricity supply, harsh environmental conditions, the need for decontamination and others.

Seeing once again, how a fairly simple gadget can change the way we interact with the world and solve problems, it’s hard not to wonder what other wonders technology has in store for us. With more and more non-governmental organizations automating the way they operate, we may be witnesses to the type of cooperation that can truly change the world.

Of course, we, as standard users, do not require that kind of ruggedness on a daily basis. What we might need is much simpler – like waterproof casing or even a tablet that is waterproof all by itself. If you are one of those users who can’t help bringing their gadgets along to the beach or drinking coffee over the glossy tablet screen, you may see the benefits of this waterproof model – 7 Inch IPx7 Waterproof Tablet PC Neptune X.


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Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.3.2015. | 18:57
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    Now in the world there are many accidents. Very congestion people die if they do not have even basic assistance and gadgets such very-very necessary and important. These gadgets can save perhaps the outstanding figure of the future

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