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Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.3.2015. | 10:48

And the Winner Is…

This free giveaway is finished! See below who’s the lucky winner! If you aren’t the lucky one this time, do not worry, we have many more free giveaways to come! Simply follow our latest free giveaways page.



dual sim android phone

We’re giving away this Android Smartphone with a retail value of 100 USD. The special feature of this phone is that it comes with 2 SIM card slots, that allows for easy switching between 2 phone numbers on 1 device! Enter this contest now or checkout the specs of this phone below first.

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Android Smartphone Highlights:phone 3

  • 3G Smartphone
  • 4.7 Inch High Resolution Display
  • Android OS
  • Dual SIM
  • 2MP Camera
  • 4GB Storage
  • 70 Hours Standby Time


  • Right after the contest ends, we will pick a winner at random.
  • The winner’s name will be announced updated in this blog post.
  • We will contact you if you win, and confirm your address for shipment of the prize.
  • The shipping method used will be airmail from China with an shipping time of 1-4 weeks.
  • Note: normally there will be no custom charges, but if there are, then it’s your responsibility to pay it.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 20.3.2015. | 10:48
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  1. Yong C. March 20, 12:02

    Next prize: Meizu MX4 PRO 4G Smartphone

  2. SamLin March 20, 12:06

    Thanks for the advice, we will consider the Meizu as the next prize!

  3. Amanda March 20, 12:06

    I would like MeeGo Pad Tablet PC to be the next prize.

  4. Igor Boyarintsev March 20, 23:49

    what future for windows mobile10?

  5. Dragana Todoric March 21, 00:15

    iMacwear SPARTA M7 Smart Watch Phone

  6. Mile Zec March 21, 00:33

    MeeGo Pad Tablet PC

  7. Milica Kuvalja March 21, 00:55

    An android tablet!

  8. Nikola Todoric March 21, 00:58

    Camera “eyeshot”

  9. Ana Vukasin March 21, 01:11

    DOOGEE TURBO-Mini F1 4G Smartphone

  10. Stoja Todoric March 21, 01:13

    5.6 Inch Portable DVD Player

  11. Aleksandr March 21, 05:31

    I would love to see next prize: E-Ceros Revolution Tablet

  12. Andras K. March 22, 06:28

    E-Ceros Revolution Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet

  13. Mussarat Munir March 22, 15:45

    Next prize: Meizu MX4 PRO 4G Smartphone

  14. Alexander Belkov March 23, 13:40

    Meizu MX4 PRO 4G Smartphone

  15. Pat Drouillard March 23, 23:43

    I just own a simple phone ,ok antique phone as my kids call it. Would love to win this so I could be in the cool crowd .

  16. T.J. (@TJB86) March 23, 23:44

    The next prize should be Motorcycle GPS Navigator ‘Rage’.

  17. HollyW March 23, 23:46

    I say the next prize should be a QQ5 Vacuum Cleaner Robot. They look so cool.

  18. Sherry Russell March 23, 23:49

    sounds good!

  19. Paul K March 23, 23:49

    QQ5 Vacuum Cleaner Robot – UV Sterilize, Virtual Wall, Self-Charging Function

  20. zippy573 March 23, 23:49

    what would the service be? I just put my sim card in and i can just go on my merry way? thx
    addrienne mertens

  21. Donna Evans March 23, 23:50

    iMacwear Sparta M-7 Smart Watach.

  22. petar danchev (@petardanchev) March 23, 23:52

    Next prize should be a Dual boot tablet with Windows 8 and android 5!

  23. Denise Anderson March 23, 23:56

    Multifunctional Hand Crank Dynamo LED Lamp – Radio, Solar Panel, Flashlight, USB Port, Power Bank

  24. chuck bolster March 24, 00:00

    how do you make homescreen icons bigger

  25. chuck bolster March 24, 00:02


  26. Brian Kautz March 24, 00:02

    Next prize Electric Unicycle

  27. Brian Kautz March 24, 00:03

    When are LTE radios going to be standard in these phones?

  28. Pat Drouillard March 24, 00:12

    Meizu MX4 PRO 4G Smartphone

  29. christine burd March 24, 00:14

    Nexodus plus smart phone

  30. Jim Lipscomb March 24, 00:15

    Nexodus Plus Smartphone – 6.5 Inch FHD 1080p Capacitive Screen, MTK6589T Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB Internal Memory (White)

  31. Minta Boggs March 24, 00:28

    Microsurface Pro 3

  32. Colleen McCaffrey March 24, 00:28

    I would love to see a solar charger for your next prize.

  33. Zakia March 24, 00:32

    I see too many phones and tablets giveaway.
    How about a Quadcopter or Android TV Box or Xiaomi Camera…

  34. Dmytro Shvets March 24, 00:37

    E-Ceros Revolution Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet

  35. SaraAB87 March 24, 00:42

    I think the next prize should be E-Ceros Revolution Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet – 8000mAh Battery, 9.7 Inch Retina Screen, 2GB Ram, Quad Core 1.6GHz CPU (Black)

  36. Oliver Wiegand March 24, 00:49

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  37. Klaus Popp March 24, 01:03

    Very big thanks for this chance, good luck for all

  38. Klaus Popp March 24, 01:08

    Nächster Preis: Meizu MX4 PRO 4G Smartphone

  39. Valentina Leonova March 24, 01:15

    E-Ceros Revolution Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet – 8000mAh Battery, 9.7 Inch Retina Screen, 2GB Ram, Quad Core 1.6GHz CPU (Black)

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