7 Useful Elements Of Android’s Developer Options

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.3.2015. | 23:20

Android Developer options

One of the biggest advantages of an Android platform is its openness and the freedom given to the user to modify and alter various things about the way their smartphone looks and operates. We have already covered several ways on how to go about changing the look of your phone in the post on How To Personalize Your Android Phone.

There are lots of things you can change on the content and function side as well – even without rooting your phone. However, in this post we will cover a few points related to Android Developer options, including how to enable them and what they could help you do.

Android Developer Options, as the name suggests, are intended for app developers, who may need to enable additional features to test applications and get bug reports. So if you are considering dabbling into some app development – you will appreciate the feature. However, even if app development is not your cup of tea, you might find a few things within Developer Options that might be interesting.

 Enabling Developer Options On Android

Enabling the feature is not necessarily a complicated process – but it is impossible to access them by accident and for good reason. Developer Options let you get pretty deep into your phone and should be reserved for those who know what they are doing. However, if your mind is set on giving it a try, here’s how you do it.

You will need to find a menu setting that is called Build Number. It may be placed differently on different models, but the name is universal. For most phones, you will find it under Settings>About Phone. Once you locate the “button”, you will need to press it seven times – yes, it is seven. Your phone will go through the extra step of confirming with you that you want the options enabled and then you should be good to go.

7 Things You Can Do With Developer Options Enabled

We are not saying that there are only seven new functions that enabled Developer Options will add to your phone – no, there are way more. But we have tried to pick seven of them that are interesting for both developers and regular users alike.

Background Process Limit

This feature lets you set how many processes/apps can be running in the background simultaneously. It’s a good one to be aware of and use when you want to control the backworks of your smartphone.

Desktop Backup Password

Backups are great for keeping your data safe and having a few additional ways to perform them is no harm. Desktop Backup Password allows you to setup a password for automatic backups to and from your PC of your applications and the data related to them.

Keeping The Phone Awake

One of the Developer Options lets you keep your screen on at all times – which is good of you are working on an important project and don’t want to be interrupted by screen timeouts. In the long term, though, do not forget to disable the option as it will significantly minimize your battery life.

Mock Locations

As you may have guessed, this feature lets you set location information manually. It is used by developers working with apps aimed at specific countries – but can have a number of other uses if you get creative.

CPU Usage

With this option enabled, you will be able to see CPU stats on your screen and get the info on how much of it is being used by this or that application or process.

USB Debugging

This may one of the most popular features in Developer Options. It will allow your computer to directly interact with your Android phone over a USB connection. It will be helpful in performing a number of tricks, like installing a custom ROM or rooting your device.

Disable Or Speed Up Animations

When switching between apps or screens you will notice animations helping you make the transitions. However, some users may prefer a simpler way to go from screen to screen – which will also make your phone faster. If you are not ready to part with animations, this option can help you speed them up, as an alternative.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.3.2015. | 23:20
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