Apple’s Arrival Could Enliven the Idea of Playing Games on a Smart-Watch

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.3.2015. | 17:49

Games have become extremely versatile, and believe it or not, they fit anywhere. Whether we’re talking about a new digital platform, computer, tablet, or VR headset, there’s no doubt that video games have gone mainstream. Just like most animals, people are natural-born players. Now that the smartwatch has made an entrance, it’s safe to assume that soon enough game developers will start developing games exclusively for this new gadget.

Whether we like it or not, when Apple launches something new, it creates a buzz. Everyone wants to know about it, try it or even buy it. Now that the company has just released the Apple smartwatch, it’s only natural to want to see it and try out all of its innovative features.

Blipvert gaming
The future of gaming on a smartwatch is puzzling. We can’t predict what will happen 10 years from now, but we can make a few assumptions. The standard approach is to examine the way a gadget is built and used. Smartwatches are in trend right now, and many tech companies are launching their own versions of these watches. Because the size of a smartwatch is smaller than a smartphone or tablet that you would normally play app games on the interface has to be simple – menu-based or simple touch controls work the best. If games for smartphones are meant to kill time while taking the subway, games for smartwatches have to entice the buyer on an elevator ride; and that’s even more difficult to accomplish.

It’s all about simplicity
Because smartwatches have limited capabilities, game developers must focus their attention on simplicity. Unusual ideas will have to emerge, and frankly, skilled developers shouldn’t be afraid of a challenge. Apple is already focusing on minimalistic ways of permitting communication via the smartwatch. Some of these features are tapping on someone else’s wrist remotely, drawing on a screen, and more.

The simple interactions and small-sized screen remind me of Robin Baumgarten and his experiments in game design. His latest creation was a game called Line Woobbler; it was simple to play, and it was centered on following a line of flashing lights. It’s such a cool challenge for developers to have to create games for a small platform in a single dimension on the smallest screen and will hopefully bring a new style of games that don’t just rely on fancy graphics.


Social diligence
Apple’s release of the smartwatch led to various ideas in the gaming niche. The games could become quick-session social experiences, permitting friends to seamlessly and effortlessly swap data. There are chances for “diligent games” to materialize. Thanks to the smartwatch, these simple games could be played by just tapping your smartphones or being located in certain locations. There will be no depth involved in the software because the games will be integrated in your daily activities and will become part of your lifestyle.

Gaming full-contact
In order to sense movements, smartphones use accelerometers. To permit multiplayer connection they use Wi-Fi. If we were to add these features to a device that can’t be thrown or dropped across a room we would have extremely interesting chances for group-based games. Digital games that involve running around are exquisite; it’s certainly intriguing to see what developers can do on a smartwatch.

Playing games is an activity that will never fade away. We might enjoy the activity on computers, tablets, and consoles now, but who knows what other technology will be developed in 10 or even 20 years from now. Games on smartwatches are an almost certainty but what shape these games will take is still uncertain. They’re coming, and when they hit the market they’ll surely make a great impact. Some would probably say that the idea is crazy, and that the screens are too small. True, but people were also quick to dismiss virtual reality 10 years ago too. And look; now it has gone mainstream!


This is the guest post by Fredrick Cameron and Parking Games 365!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.3.2015. | 17:49
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